Islamic Hackers Group Claims Responsibility for Cyber-Attack That Exposed Personal Info of Hundreds of Israelis


A massive cyber-attack has exposed the personal information and credit card numbers of hundreds of Israeli citizens, a cyber-security company stated on Tuesday.

According to Israeli news site N12, Israeli company IntSight reported the hack, which was claimed by an anonymous group calling itself Anonymous Islamic/JEArmy.

“Anonymous” is the name of a loosely-connected international group of hackers that often commits cyber-attacks for political reasons.

The latest hack revealed credit card numbers and details, identification cards, phone numbers and security codes. The information was uploaded to a site run by the hackers and is publicly available.

IntSight believes the attack may be related to “OPIsrael,” an annual cyber-attack campaign against Israel that usually takes place in April.

Ariel Einhorn, whose team exposed the cyber-attack, said, “The goal of the hackers is to continue to threaten Israeli citizens and raise awareness of the struggle against the State of Israel.”

He also speculated that the attack took place in May because of the increasing likelihood that Israel will annex parts of the West Bank in the near future.

“It may be a response to the talk of annexation in Israel,” Einhorn said.

He added that it was likely “as the issue of annexation rises more and more in public awareness, there will be a worsening of attempts at attacks.”

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