Islamic Leaders Agree to Lower Mosque Loudspeakers


Israeli President Reuven Rivlin brought together Muslim and Jewish spiritual leaders at his official residence on Tuesday to discuss the use of loudspeakers by houses of worship.

The Jerusalem Post reports that Sheikh Abdel al-Hakim Samara, president of the Islamic Shari’a Court, emphasized that only through discourse and agreement can solutions be reached in those areas where the loudspeakers are problematic. He added: “We all agree there is a need to lower the volume in problematic areas and we will act to ensure this.”

Sheikh Mohammed Ciooan, who heads the Committee of Imams, stressed that human dignity should be the guideline in all discussions. His organization has already made a public request for the volume of the loudspeakers to be reduced in all the communities concerned, he said.

{ Israel News Bureau}


  1. Dignity has to be earned not enforced.
    These Muslims constantly wallow in a culture of grievances.
    A culture of achievement is totally foreign to them.
    They live door to door with a start up nation ,literally the silicon valley of the Middle East, but they themselves can’t even get themselves to build a bicycle factory.

    • Kol hakavod for rivlin. Religious freedom should be respected no matter what. We need to be the leading example. It is no different than the Shabbos alarm, hachnosos sefer torah, lag b’omer, etc. That you take for granted.


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