Islamic State Claims Responsibility For Deadly Concert Blast In Manchester, Monitoring Group Says

terror An armed police officer gestures to his colleague as they stand at Manchester Piccadilly railway station in Manchester, U.K., on May 23, 2017. MUST CREDIT: Bloomberg photo by Matthew Lloyd

The Islamic State claimed Tuesday one of its “soldiers” carried out a deadly blast in Manchester that killed at least 22 people, including teenagers and others streaming out of a pop concert.

The Islamic State statement did not give any details about the attacker or how the blast was carried out late Monday. The statement was posted on the online messaging service Telegram and later noted by the SITE Intelligence Group, which monitors militant websites.

The Islamic State often quickly proclaims links to attacks, but some previous claims have not been proven.

British Prime Minister Theresa May called the carnage a “callous, terrorist attack.”

“This attack stands out for its appalling, sickening cowardice deliberately targeting innocent defenseless children and young people who should have been enjoying one of the most memorable nights of their lives,” she said, speaking outside of Downing Street, where flags are flying at half mast.

She called it among the worst terrorist incidents in Britain and “the worst ever to hit the north of England.”

Authorities believe they know the identity of the assailant, she added, “but at this stage of their investigations, we cannot confirm his name.”

In a statement, the Greater Manchester Police said that they arrested a 23-year-old man in south Manchester in connection with the attack as hundreds of police swarmed through the city in the aftermath of the blast.

Authorities are trying to determine if the suicide bomber acted alone or was part of a larger network. No one has yet claimed responsibility for the attack, which injured 59 others.

“We believe at this stage the attack last night was conducted by one man,” said Greater Manchester Police Chief Constable Ian Hopkins at a televised news conference. “We believe the attacker was carrying an improvised explosive device, which he detonated, causing this atrocity.”

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  1. As President Obama correctly said, please don’t make to big a deal about this because we should be concerned about backlash from the non Muslim community against innocent Muslim citizens. We must crack down on evil white conservative bigoted racists.

  2. To anonymous even though 99 percent of terrorism is perpetrated by muslims is not a reason to profile or stereotype that would be collective punishment. Blah blah bla

  3. Obviously an Arab.

    How stupid or ignorant can you be calling it a suspected terrorist attack.

    YOU FOOL someone just blew himself up. That’s what you call a TERROIST ARAB ATTACK


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