Israel And Hamas Agree To Six-Month Ceasefire

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News 12 Defense and Security commentator Roni Daniel reports that two weeks after the end of the last round of fighting with Hamas, Israel and Hamas reached an agreement on a temporary cease-fire for six months, mediated by Egypt and with the help of a UN representative.

The mutual understandings agreed upon states the Hamas Islamic Movement agrees to a cease-fire and end to border hostilities, preserving a security zone 300 meters from the fence, cessation of night clashes, and cessation of flotillas to the coastal area.

For its part, Israel is prepared to expand the fishing zone to 15 miles, promote a UN-initiated deal, transfer medicines and humanitarian aid, and open negotiations on electricity, crossings, health, and finances.

Read more at Arutz Sheva.



  1. Yeah, very smart, let the islamonazi enemy rearm and attack us with even more force. Stupid Judenrat. How is Netaniahu’s Likud better than Meretz?!

  2. What happens after six months and exactly what restrictions are in place during this period. It seems rather absurd that Netanyahu and his gov overlook the fact that past record shows that Hamas’ SINCERITY is non-existent..These supposed “ceasefire” are just a ploy for Hamas to strengthen themselves and INCREASE their damage the next time around…


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