Israel Calls On Egypt To Stop Entry Of Cement And Construction Materials To Gaza

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Israel has asked Egypt to prevent the entry into Gaza of cement and other construction materials that could be diverted by Palestinian armed groups for military purposes, Kan reported Thursday.

After 11 days of intense fighting last month between the IDF and Hamas in the Gaza Strip, Israel is seeking to ensure that so-called “dual-use” materials entering Palestinian territory are not used by Gazan groups to rearm.

However, since the end of the conflict, goods have passed through the Salah-a-Din gate of the Rafah border crossing between Gaza and Egypt without any surveillance, three days a week, Kan reported.

Goods reported to have entered the Gaza Strip through the crossing include cement, construction materials and fuel.

Israeli officials hope to meet with their Egyptian counterparts on the matter, having acknowledged that without controls on goods entering Gaza, there is no way to prevent Hamas from rebuilding its military capabilities, Kan said.

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  1. Egypt brokers the ceasefire and then ships cement to Gaza. Other than tunnels, maybe the AP/Hamas building is going up again. Great deal US!


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