Israel Finds Four Cases Of COVID-19 Mutation

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Israeli officials said Wednesday that they have detected four cases of a more contagious strain of the coronavirus, believed to have originated in the U.K.

Israel’s Health Ministry said that of the four patients, three had recently returned from England, while they are still determining the provenance of the fourth.

“In the last two days we have been making a concerted effort to check that the mutation from the UK has not infiltrated [Israel],” Health Minister Yuli Edelstein said in a statement Wednesday, according to the Jerusalem Post. “Until a few minutes ago, we were optimistic. But now we are less optimistic. This information came in a few minutes ago from our labs.”

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said the discovery of the new cases vindicated the country’s decision to close off air travel.

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  1. Suddenly all countries find new strains… 4 elite high-ranking criminals fleeing from the UK hiding in Israel – hence, lockdowns. And this is the duty of the “Health” minister to pursue political criminals.

    • By now everyone hopefully learned that coronavirus is a political virus and nothing to do medically. Nobody died from coronavirus and nobody even had it, לא היה ולא נברא. Can the Health Dept ever get their credibility back?

  2. People found corona wards in Israeli hospitals empty just like in the rest of the world.

  3. It “originated” in UK because Boris was stupid enough to publicise it , but this new mutation has been around since september. Guess where it cam from originally!!

  4. What is even the significance of this? There are so many strains of covid. They have not proven its more contagious. Is it just to create more fear so everyone runs to take the vaccine? Maybe.


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