Israel: For First Time In Weeks, Daily Virus Count Drops Below 1,000

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Israel registered fewer than 1,000 new cases of coronavirus on Monday, marking the first time in weeks that the infection rate failed to reach quadruple digits.

Data released by Israel’s Health Minister shows that 951 people tested positive for the contagious disease on Sunday, bringing the number of current active patients to 28,424.

At least 259 people are in serious condition and 415 people have died from the disease, the ministry added.

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  1. This headline is alarmist and misleading!
    This number does NOT represent patients; it only represents people who tested positive many of whom are asymptomatic and definitely not patients. As such, “the number of current active patients to 28,424” is false!

    • It’s false because being tested positive is also false not only in the US.
      A nurse in San Francisco was giving COVID tests. After every test came back positive she got suspicious. So she sent in two separate blank tests. Unused swabs. Those both came back positive. She told some of the other nurses about it so together they submitted 10 fake tests with unused swabs and fake names. THEY ALL CAME BACK POSITIVE !!!

      Somebody wrote it very well:
      “Real pandemics don’t require faulty virus models, rigged test results, inaccurate reporting and manipulated death statistics. But PSYCHOLOGICAL OPERATIONS DO”

      • Mistakes happen when doing such large scale nationwide testing. Close to amillion tests are being done in the US a day and less then 800000 are coming back positive

    • ” … [Israelis] stopped testing even though they have fever or not feeling well.” And they infect others with the coronavirus because they listen to idiots like you and not to the rabbanim . Shmuel Ashkenazi got infected in shul by a rasha like you who knew he was sick but nevertheless went on his business as usual. Reb Shmuel is dead killed by people of your ilk.


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