Israel Freezes Returning Terrorists’ Bodies To Families After Funeral Incitement


Some 1,000 people attended the eastern Jerusalem funeral of Palestinian terrorist Ala Abu Jamal on Monday, where anti-Israel slogans were chanted, in violation of the terms under which Israel agreed to return his body to his family. The incident prompted Israeli Public Security Minister Gilad Erdan to freeze the return of terrorists’ bodies to the Palestinian Authority.

Abu Jamal killed 60-year-old Rabbi Yeshayahu Krishevsky and wounded eight others last October when he rammed his vehicle into a crowded bus stop in Jerusalem, and then got out of the vehicle and attacked his victims with a cleaver. He was shot dead by a security guard who rushed to the scene.

Police agreed to return Abu Jamal’s body provided that only his immediate family attend his funeral. Instead, the funeral was attended by a huge crowd that called out inciting slogans, including “slaughter the Jews.”

The crowd participated in the funeral procession, but Israeli Border Police officers allowed only several dozen family members to enter the cemetery.

“I was just shown the infuriating photos from the funeral,” Erdan wrote in a Facebook post. “The funeral, which was attended by many and included calls of incitement and support for terrorism, violated the terms set by the police as well as the family’s pledge. The families of the terrorists lied to the High Court of Justice when they promised to adhere to the police’s demands, and it is a shame that the court believed them and pressured the police to hand over the bodies before Ramadan….There is no doubt that the crowd that attended the funeral was invited or knew about it from the family and the funeral’s organizers. This is a violation.”

One of Abu Jamal’s relatives told Israel Hayom that “only family members were permitted to enter the cemetery. Everyone else waited outside. We couldn’t stop them from attending the funeral procession and we certainly could not shut their mouths. The Jews call this incitement, but we see it as a great honor that Abu Jamal is a martyr.”


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