Israel: High Court Strikes Down Law That Postponed Charedi Draft

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In an eight-to-one decision, the High Court of Justice on Tuesday struck down Knesset legislation from 2015 that was meant to delay efforts to increase the rate at which Charedi bochurim are drafted into the military.

The 2015 amendment to the Equal Service Law cancels a more aggressive 2014 law pushed by the centrist Yesh Atid party that sought to mandate more ultra-Orthodox youth to enter military service.

The dramatic ruling on Tuesday set a one-year deadline to implement a different framework for handling the ultra-Orthodox draft.

Following the ruling, Minister of Health Rabbi Yaakov Litzman released a statement:

“This is a miserable and poor decision. It will be written in the list of terrible rulings in the history of the Jewish world. Judges of the Supreme Court have proved today that are not scared in any way to restrict Torah scholars in Israel, in order to hit the heart and soul of ultra-Orthodox Judaism, which are the holy yeshiva students whose Torah is their profession.

“We will not allow any power on earth to prevent from anyone studying Torah. It has been proven that any such move of coercion against Torah scholars, through the law or sanction it – is doomed to failure in advance. We will consult the Gedolei Yisroel, who will lead to change the draconian decision of the Supreme Court justices, who do not understand the nature and importance of the study of Torah among Klal Yisroel for eternity.”

Other Chareidi MKs have released similar statements. Read more at Times of Israel.




  1. AN EARTHQUAKE! The High Court have now clearly confirmed the authenticity of the policy of Rav Shmuel Auerbach shlit”a and Peleg Yerushalmi what they have been saying all along that the Israeli government want all yeshiva boys in the military. Other groups have denied it and claimed that by compromising, the appetite of the paritz will be appeased. This new ruling shows that the policy of those who compromised was totally wrong – if you give them a finger they want a hand – just like Paroh harasha. The only option is now for klal Yisrael to join the Peleg Yerushalami and fight together without any comprise to nullify the evil decree completely.

    • Kudos to you. Great points. But our troubles are not over. What kind of new draft law will be passed? It depends. If the chareidi world can put their differences aside, and join together under the banner of We Will Not Join the Army, then we have a chance. But if the chilonim see that we are divided by machlokes and other distractions, they will be able to shove this down our throats chas veshalom.

  2. The Zionists will not succeed, this is a pure shmad, we must make sure that the dati leumi get to understand they are undermining torah by working with the Zionists.

  3. The chareidim did not care about the honor of yerushalayim and allowed the toeiva parade to take place. Now they can join the army that’s loaded with transgenders and toeiva generals.

  4. Chareidim could easily tell the High Court that they’re liars and it has nothing to do with Equal Service Law because if they would mean Equal Service Law they would need to draft Israeli Arabs as well, after all they receive government funding even more than chareidim, and they would need to draft the 50% secular draft dodgers, mainly residing in Tel Aviv. The judges know the truth they need Chareidim in order to secularize them as per Ben Gurion’s “vision”.

  5. The Prime Minister was democratically elected by the people, the ministers were elected by the people and here come 8 non-elected, self-appointed judges who feel that they are above the law and can rule and decide on any topic above the Prime Minister and everyone else as they see fit with their “enlightened” warped liberal anti-Torah understanding. It’s time for real democracy in Israel and kick those self-appointed-for-life judges out of office once and for all. Who do they think they are anyhow?

  6. Israelis must take to the streets and protests the self appointed High Court. Why should 8 people who made themselves judges without anyone’s approval have the power to run a democratic country when they were never even elected?!? DOWN WITH THE HIGH COURT!

  7. There aren’t zionists anymore. Get over it. Its called nationalists. The tzioni shit’a is long over. The Israelis today don’t care for any entity or shmad. If you think so, you’re living on a different planet. The govt is a bunch of secular uneducated Jews who were never privy to our mesorah. Claiming that they wanna shmad everyone is insane and has no basis. Anyone who thinks that Herzl or ben gurion have talmidim and people who are continuing their agenda needs a real dose of reality. This is a matter of derech eretz and a need to explain to the masses of the existential need for torah to continue unabated. Peaceful negotiations and education are klal Yisroel’s traits and our gedolim understand and will lead us and determine when we need to fight. Continuing to cause a global chillul Hashem because our limited saichel says so, has been a misguided trait among the few over the generations that have perished with very unpleasant endings.

  8. Protests must be organized worldwide. We must warn the israeli government we will not vote for pro israel politicians if yeshiva boys drafted. Money is the name of the game.

    • Defending the jewish people is through Torah. As long as you have a million jewish children in secular israeli public school system nothing is being defended long term.

  9. It is important to note that the court in question is the last refuge for the secular left Ashkenazic elite in Israel and appoints its own judges which makes the court system a Jim Crow like system that is auite hostile to the views of all Torah observant Jews and simetimes quite dovish on issues of national security. That being said one could posit the following observation namely that just as not everyone should be learning 24/7 so too not everyone should serve in the IDF but can provide service in hospitals and the like. Decisions like this prevent the necessary cheshbon hanefesh from taking place on this issue and reduce discussions of real issues to equating the situation today with that of 1948 which is not necessarily so on either side of the equation.

  10. The HCJ is well known for its being the last kine of defense forbthevsecular Ashkenazi elite and for equivocal views on national security. What is missing is any sense of reality that just as not every 18 year old should ne drafted so too not every charedi male should be learning 24/7.


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