Israel: If Talks Don’t Proceed Well, Terrorists May Not Be Released

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palestinian-terrorist-prisonersThe special ministerial team for the release of Palestinian prisoners convened on Sunday to approve the release of 26 terrorists serving time in Israeli prisons since before the Oslo Accords of two decades ago. The move is intended to move the peace process forward. This week will see a second round of peace talks, beginning on Wednesday in Jerusalem.

Senior diplomatic sources said on Saturday night that after the release of prisoners this week, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu intends to demand that dangerous prisoners released in the coming rounds not be allowed to return to their homes in Judea and Samaria but that they be exiled.

After the ministers approve the list of prisoners, it will be presented to the public 48 hours before the actual release to enable submissions of appeals to the Supreme Court.

Aggrieved families along with the Almagor terror victims organization held protests outside the Supreme Court during the time that High Court judges heard the petition the group submitted against the plan to release prisoners.

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  1. Of course the talks are not going well. They can not possibly. Neither side believes in the right of the other to anything. There is no concept of “Yachloku”.

    They should not be released. They are dangerous and filthy murders. And the way they did it and would be extremely glad to do it again…. They are being granted an enormous favor by not being executed quickly. They should at least be deported.

    They should be executed or worse.

  2. MMI…..You say they should be executed or worse,what can be possibly worse?..Oh,i know!…Tsein your hengen!…That’l teach’em!..But seriously,i can’t stand the sheer hypocricy of the US pressurising Israel to release these low-life blood drenched rotschim,whilst refusing to release J.Pollard & SH.M.Rubashkin.In other words they are saying “Do as we say,not as we do!”…this hypocricy quite frankly stinks!..


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