Israel Listened In on Arab States’ Preparations for Six-Day War

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Former Israeli Military Intelligence chief Maj. Gen. Shlomo Gazit has revealed that Israel gained access to the secret recordings of a conference Arab nations held in Casablanca, Morocco, in September 1965 to prepare for a possible war with Israel, Ronen Bergman reports for Ynet News.

Arab military commanders spoke openly and with relative candor about the capabilities of the militaries under their command.

It was King Hassan II of Morocco who allowed the Mossad to closely monitor the conference. “Immediately after the end of the conference, (the Moroccans) gave us all of the needed information, and didn’t deny us anything,” recounted Rafi Eitan, a former Mossad intelligence officer.

The recordings of all of the conference’s discussions provided an unprecedented look into the behind-the-scenes workings and mindset of the enemy’s leadership.

{ Israel News Bureau}


  1. Why reveal this info???
    Now the arab murderers will take to Morocco and repay them for their kindness. What a stupid thing to declassify and moronic to even publicize. That’s how you repay a favor!! Shame on them!


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