Israel To Allocate $25 Million For Immigrants Fleeing Russia

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i24 News – Israel’s Finance Minister Avigdor Liberman and Aliyah and Absorption Minister Pnina Tamano-Shata are expected to present the cabinet on Sunday with a plan costing roughly $25 million, which will be granted unconditionally, for the reception of Russians entitled to immigrate to Israel under the Law of Return.

Following Russia’s announcement of the mobilization of reserve troops last week for the war in Ukraine, Israel expects an increase in immigration, with an estimated 4,500 Jews arriving in the Jewish state from Moscow over the next three months.

Israel’s Foreign Ministry said in a statement on Erev Shabbos: “An Israeli citizen who also holds Russian citizenship and who enters, stays, or will stay in the territory of the Russian Federation, is subject to the law and regulations in Russia, including decisions concerning the recruitment of citizens to the Russian army and the possibility of leaving the territory of the country.”

At a meeting on Wednesday, senior officials from the Finance Ministry, the Aliyah and Absorption Ministry, the Foreign Affairs Ministry, and the Jewish Agency for Israel said there was a considerable increase in the number of Russian Jews who were ready to immigrate to Israel and those preparing applications for immigration.

However, there are major obstacles to bringing these immigrants to Israel, in part due to the sharp increase in air fares between Russia and Israel and the limited number of flights between Moscow and Tel Aviv.

Israel is looking into the possibility of additional flights or bringing them to the Jewish state via a third country that shares a border with Russia – such as Azerbaijan or Georgia – which still have regular flights to Israel.

The plan for Russian immigrants includes solutions for housing, employment, health services, education, and more.

“The State of Israel is a safe haven for all Jews in the world, including Russian Jews. We will ensure that all immigrants from Russia who come here due to complicated circumstances receive a comprehensive and appropriate package of measures to best integrate them into Israeli society,” Tamano-Shata said.

“The State of Israel is doing everything possible to bring as many immigrants as possible to Israel. The Finance Ministry, which I head, will spare no resources to enable the immigration to Israel of all those who are eligible and want to come, and will invest in a quality and effective integration process. Immigration is a strategic asset for the state and a massive growth lever, and we are committed to encouraging and investing in it,” said Liberman.


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