Israel to Establish “South Syria Army” to Stop Iranian Expansion

Israel is planning to establish a Syrian army on the border with the Golan Heights and Jordan to stop Iranian expansion, according to informed Israeli sources, reports Nazir Majli for Asharq al-Awsat-UK.
Sources said that the idea is beginning to form in accordance with the U.S.-Russian agreement to a ceasefire in southern Syria and prevent Iranian troops, Hizbullah and other regime-affiliated militias from controlling the region. Israel has allies there, including the Druze “Fursan al-Joulan” militia and some sides that claim to be part of the Free Syrian Army.
{ Israel News Bureau}


  1. the Zionists cant be trusted they abandoned and then took with them thousands of Christian Lebanese after their capitulation under barak. the sla did good work and if they remained there would be no 2006 Lebanon war.


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