Israeli Amb. Dermer: Iran Can Get an Entire Nuclear Arsenal when Restrictions Expire


Israeli Ambassador to the U.S. Ron Dermer told “CBS This Morning” that the Iran nuclear archive “proves conclusively that Iran falsified all of their reports to the International Atomic Energy Agency which was critical for them to move forward with the deal. In addition to that, they have taken efforts since the deal to hide this nuclear weapons program,” CBS reports.

“Why would Iran keep these files? Because they are going to use it in the future….People said, ‘we knew all this, we knew Iran was lying and that’s why we need these restrictions in place.’ That would be a reasonable argument if these restrictions did not end, but they end in a few years. They are automatically going to be removed.”

“What I would hope that everybody who supported the deal before would do today is say we need those restrictions to never end because Iran clearly has a desire not just to build nuclear weapons in the past, which we knew, but to build nuclear weapons in the future because they’re keeping it for safekeeping in the future when those restrictions are removed.”

“The greater danger is not that Iran is going to get to a single nuclear bomb by violating the deal. The biggest danger of this deal is that they can get to an entire nuclear arsenal by keeping the deal, when all of these restrictions are removed.”



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