Israeli Arab MKs: “Put War Criminal Sharon on Trial, Even if He is Dead”

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ariel-sharon4By Aryeh Savir

Upon the news of the death of former Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, the Arab world expressed glee, as he is perceived by them as the great Israeli butcher of the Arabs. Palestinian Media Watch exposed that Sharon was also attacked and scorned by Arab members of Knesset, who joined the Arab world in their verbal assaults on Sharon after his death.

The Israeli Arab party Hadash, on their official Arabic Facebook page, announced that “war criminal and former Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon is dead”. Elsewhere on its Facebook page the party referred to Sharon as a “murderer.” The party also posted a cartoon of Sharon walking down to Hell, dragging iron balls behind him that are chained to his feet and labeled “Deir Yassin,” “Qibya,” “Sabra,” and “Shatila.”

Israeli Arab Member of Knesset Jamal Zahalka, of the Balad party, posted on his Facebook page the demand to “Put war criminal Sharon on trial, even if he is dead!”

He accused Sharon of having committed “crimes against humanity,” and suggested “showcase trials in absentia” for Sharon . “Sharon’s death, eight years after he was clinically dead, is an opportunity to emphasize that we must prosecute and bring war criminals to trial in international courts. If this is not possible, as in Sharon’s case, we must conduct a showcase trial with them in absentia, in which detailed charges of their crimes against humanity will be presented. This [should be done] to expose Zionism’s shame and its crimes. Sharon was one of the conspicuous figures who committed and represented them… Sharon is dead, but the criminal policy he adopted still exists. Moreover, it is Israel’s official and operative policy”, he wrote in Arabic.

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  1. This reminds me of the answer to the Egyptian claim to the wealth the Jews left with: sure, after you pay back centuries of slave labor.

    When the Palestinians stop glorifying murderers who are released, when they stop naming boulevards after their “martyrs”, when they clean up their textbooks, when they start using the resources the world showers them with – from Gaza hothouses to international aid – for the good of their people….all that and more, maybe then they can talk.

  2. U all have it wrong this isn’t some Moslem enemy this is an Israeli MK
    Demanding this. But let a rabbi or right wing politician mKe a statement similar to this they are in detention and on trial

  3. Only a Few Dozen Show Up for Sharon Burial Organizers expected thousands to arrive but the buses have remained empty.

    Two hours before Ariel Sharon was scheduled to be buried, the large crowd expected at the funeral ceremony had not materialized. Only a few dozen people had showed up at Havat Hashikmim – Sycamore Ranch – in the Negev, where the legendary general and former prime minister was to be laid to rest, reported Maariv-NRG.

    The civilians who came to pay their last respects were far outnumbered by hundreds of police and ushers at Givat Hakalaniyot, where Sharon will be laid to rest next to his late wife, Lily.


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