Israeli Authorities Stole Yemenite Seforim

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In addition to kidnapping Yemenite children in the 1950s, Israeli authorities also stole their sifrei kodesh on a giant scale. A Knesset committee has been set up to examine the extent of the banditry and return the property wherever possible.

Typically, immigrants reaching planes with their sifrei Torah, seforim and other property were told that the goods must be transported by ship. They never saw them again because government offices dealt with their possessions like public property.

The committee visited the Hebrew National Library to view the Eilat Collection stolen from Yemenite immigrants in 1951. Some seforim still bear the original owners’ names.

A library official explained that the collection was once “koshered” by a committee of library and Yemenite representatives who decided to distribute sifrei Torah the library had to Yemenite shuls and allow the library to keep manuscripts whose owners were not demanding them back.

The library has now sorted and categorized the literature to enable Yemenite families to identify it and claim it back.

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  1. This is one relatively small part of the full narrative describing the horrific mistreatment the Jews of Yemen experienced when the came to Israel. Everything within Israel’s power must be done to make right and atone for what was done to them and their families – and even then, it’s not possible to undo all the damage that was done.

  2. How about bodies and souls? They took hundreds of kids from their parents after birth, told them their kids died…and sold and gave them to people In Israel and lately heard as experiments in America for some project….as a jew…it makes your blood boil how many kids have grown with their parents around and they have no clue who they really are!!!!! What retzicha!!!!!

  3. Not only Sifrei Torah and other sforim. Massive amounts of jewelry as well. The damage will never be undone or atoned for. The scars are too deep.

    Mesaymim b’tov-Moshiach NOW

  4. The secular Israeli government together with their corrupt judges are evil wicked people who are worse than those who caused the churban bais sheni.

  5. What are you saying sold children for medical experiments.That is a lie total fabrication .Yes they did put children up for adoptions . Yes many in secular Homes.To simply try to exaggerate the stories with must be very gullible to believe such stores.

  6. To Bubby 1 – My great aunt was personally nearly victimized. They told her that her daughter needed to be looked after since she was sick. After some time she asked to see her daughter but they did not allow her to come into contact with the contagious child. she continued to demand to see the baby since there was no prior evidence of illness. After literally chasing the nurse with a stick the nurse let her see the baby. The baby was fine. She escaped with her daughter immediately. There are countless stories like this. I happen to be a bit of a zionist but the secular zionists were horribly twisted in their perception of morality and still are to this day. Hashem yeracheim that we cannot believe as believers in the Torah that a person who would steal someones soul is not capable of taking a life as well. They butchered the seffardic communities on a religios level because they felt that they were saving them from their skewed, primitive view on life. That view on life teaches us “mai chazis dedama didach somek tfei midama dechavrach” which means “what have you seen that would bring you to the conclusion that your brothers blood is redder than yours?” They sold these kids in order to purchase ammunition to defend their borders. sacrifice the few to defend the many. It doesn’t work that way in Torah Judaism.


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