Israeli Coronavirus Patient Describes Symptoms as ‘Like a Normal Flu’

Spencer Fehrenbacher, 29, takes a selfie aboard a State Department-chartered airplane about to depart from Japan. MUST CREDIT: Photo by Spencer Fehrenbacher.

An Israeli man infected with the coronavirus described the symptoms of the disease to the Israeli media on Tuesday, saying it was like “a normal flu.”

Dudi Shimshon, who lives in Australia, was one of the travelers on a cruise ship quarantined off Japan after cases of the disease were found on board.

Israeli news site N12 quoted Shimshon as saying, “I feel fine. If I was home with these symptoms, I wouldn’t even go to the doctor.”

“I have a little fever and a headache, like a normal flu,” he explained. “If I was home, I would take some Acamol [the Israeli equivalent of Tylenol] and that’s all.”

“If they said I had the virus when I was on the ship, I would be much more concerned, but now we’re better informed,” he added.

“It’s very dangerous for older people,” Shimshon said of the disease, “but less so for slightly younger people.”

Nonetheless, he said he was fine with the quarantine he was under and was listening to doctors’ advice.

“I respect everything they say,” he said.

Shimshon noted, however, that his wife had been deeply upset by the ordeal and “it’s been a long story for all of us.”

“I tried to get everyone to talk with her and explain that everything’s ok, and pretty soon we’re going home,” he added.

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  1. It IS the normal with a new name to destroy President Trump’s economy and the economy in China.

  2. Not one person in the world had the common flu this year and nobody got the measles. WOW! Thanks to coronavirus.

    I hope President Trump will have the courage to reveal the truth about the CDC’s & WHO’s coronavirus hoax and wake up the naive sheeple.

    Are all coronavirus hoax believers vaxxers? Just wondering.

  3. Yes, when Bnai yisroel were in mizrayim and a Mitzri would go to drink a glass of water it was blood, but when bnei yisroel drank from the same cup it was water.
    Maybe that was a big blood water HOAX?!?!?

  4. What ever happened to the dreaded measles outbreak that was ravaging our community? Why did the fake news created hysteria suddenly stop covering the measles hoax? What happened to the death count?

    • The CDC wanted anti-vaxxers to vaccinate, so they released a measles epidemic from their lab to make a panic, the same way they started the coronavirus (to control the population) (from a lab to bring panic to the world). Both, the measles and population control, at once might bring them down completely.


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