Israeli Envoy To Canada To Step Down In Protest Against Netanyahu Government

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Israeli Ambassador to Canada Ronen Hoffman announced on Sunday he will step down from his post later this year due to ideological differences with the Bibi Netanyahu-led government.

Hoffman served as a member of Knesset for opposition leader Yair Lapid’s Yesh Atid Party between 2013 and 2015.


“I will continue serving the State of Israel here in Canada with the same passion and pleasure until a replacement is appointed later this year. I look forward to continue working with all my colleagues and friends until then,” he added.

Israel’s Civil Service Regulations require that all diplomats refrain from publicly assuming political positions or making personal political statements of any kind.

Israeli Ambassador to France Yael German, also a former lawmaker for Yesh Atid, resigned from her post last month in protest against the Netanyahu government.

The new government, she said at the time, endangers democracy due to its “extreme positions,” and she is therefore unable “to lie to myself and continue to represent policies that are so radically different than what I believe in.”

Tens of thousands of people once again took to the streets in Tel Aviv on Saturday evening to demonstrate against the government’s planned judicial reform.

The organizers hinted on Sunday that they intend to go further than demonstrations and their next step will involve acts of civil disobedience.

“We are on the way to escalation. It is clear to us that this protest will lead to the disruption of public order and shutdowns in the private sector and the economy in general. There will be actions to disrupt public order that will send a message to the government that the coup will not be on our watch. There will be a warning shutdown,” the organizers said. JNS


  1. He is stepping down because he knows that he will be imminently replaced. It’s the age old “you can’t fire me, I quit!”

    It’s sad, because in the process, the Israeli “ambassador” to Canada is besmirching the reputation of the country he was supposed to representing. He represents everything wrong wrong with the leftists.

    • What reputation? What country? The Zionist thug-ocracy that shmads our brethren in E”Y who fall into their evil clutches? That must be what you meant.

  2. If you, Sir, are not representative of the boss, you shouldn’t have the job. You lost it because of your inability to be subordinate! Your choice, fool!


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