Israeli Foreign Minister’s Dangerous Plan Aims to Recognize Evangelical Church

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liebermanIsraeli Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman is advancing a dangerous and unprecedented proposal to grant official recognition to the Christian Evangelical Church and to simplify the process of obtaining visas for its members.

News of the initiative, released recently, aroused grave concern among Yad L’Achim activists. Its declared purpose is to strengthen members of the church who are sent to Israel to do “service” and “to pay them back for their contribution to the country.”

Yad L’Achim chairman Harav Shalom Dov Lipschitz responded to the initiative by reminding government officials that the central tenet of the evangelical faith is that once all the Jews are gathered in Eretz Yisrael then, as it were, “that man” will be revealed and will present the Jewish people with two choices: collectively convert or be slaughtered.

In order to advance this dubious objective, the evangelicals are intensely involved in sending donations to promote aliya and to provide for welfare needs in Israel. In the past, Gedolim representing all sectors ruled that it is forbidden to take donations from them.

The initiative being advanced by the Foreign Ministry is doubly dangerous. Not only is it aimed at making it easier for them to gain admission to and remain in Israel, but it envisages granting them authority to set up their own courts with jurisdiction over marriage, divorce, burials and so on. Moreover, it gives them the right to obtain government allocations for their institutions, like schools and welfare associations.

Yad L’Achim officials are convinced that the evangelicals are pressing for these benefits as a means of obtaining legitimacy. It will be easier for them to gain access and spread Christianity if they are recognized by the government.

Fortunately, the Foreign Ministry’s initiative is being staunchly opposed by Interior Minister Rabbi Eli Yishai, head of Shas, who has openly stated that he will not change the policy of his ministry toward the evangelicals, despite the pressure being applied by the foreign minister.

Yad L’Achim’s chairman sent a letter of support and encouragement to Rabbi Yishai. “We seek to strengthen your hand in rejecting the despicable proposal of the foreign minister and his deputy, to grant special rights to Evangelical Christians,” Rav Lipschitz wrote. “We must not give special rights to evangelicals whose ‘love’ of Israel is motivated by a very clear agenda.”

Rav Lipschitz also warned that the very initiative is threatens to become a source of encouragement to the missionaries who will boast that they are in the process of receiving recognition from the Israeli Foreign Ministry.

Rav Lipschitz repeated that the only thing that can put an end to activities aimed at converting Jews is to pass an amendment that completely bans missionary activity in Israel.

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  1. You have to watch out for yoshkeh guys but
    you have to watch out even more for
    Obama who gives amnesty to illegal aliens
    but opposes building new apartment buildings
    in Jerusalem.

  2. Not only can’t the Israelis pass an amendment banning missionary activity in Israel, they want to condone it! I’m starting to think the anti-Tzioni shitta is right.

  3. Go and learn the beautiful maamar from the holy Rebbe from Satmar zt”l. He explains the nature of the apikorsis of the Zionists, yimach shmam and the effects that Zionism has.

    Nebuch we can see in the Holy Land the devastating effects on Yiddisheit these 60 years at the hands of the Israelis yimach shmam.

    Zionism is kfirah. This is not a shita, it’s Toras Emes.

  4. We recognize the Roman Catholic church which has persecuted us for 2000 years as well as the Greek and Russian orthodox churches. We recognize the Armenian church and it was an Armenian who opened the door in Yerushalayim to the Crusaders which resulted in a total massacre of our people who were at that time living in Yerushalayim. We recognize the Lutheran church even though Martin Luther was an anti-Semite. We recognize the Mormom church which baptises deceased Jews and Holocaust martyrs. In fact the Mormoms have baptised everyone written in the Tanach.
    The Evangelicals are the only friends today of the Jewish people. If we recognize our enemies then why not recognize our friends?

  5. This is your quote! “The Evangelicals are the only friends today of the Jewish people.” Are you joking! Well, you are probably not joking as you love christians. Evangelicals love Torah!!???!!!! they want to eradicate by converting us jews to christianity and the new testament!!!!! Take care!!


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