Israeli Health Ministry Data Shows ‘Charedi’ Areas Hardest-Hit by Measles Outbreak

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According to a nine-month study conducted by Israel’s Ministry of Health, cities with large charedi populations suffered the highest number of measles cases in an outbreak that has infected thousands of people.

Of the 2,040 cases of measles reported in the last nine months, 874 cases occurred in Yerushalayim, 266 in Beit Shemesh, 149 in Tzfat, 97 in Bnei Brak and 95 in Beitar Illit.

Israel’s second-most populous city, Tel Aviv, recorded 52 cases, while the small ultra-Orthodox community of Or HaGanuz in the north reported 22. Kiryat Ye’arim, an ultra-Orthodox town near Jerusalem, suffered 19 cases.

Just two patients were reported in Haifa, Israel’s third-largest city, and only four in Rishon Letzion, Israel’s fourth-largest city.

The Health Ministry’s data showed that 614 patients were aged 1 to 4 years old; 399 between the ages of 5 and 9; 358 infants under the age of 1; and 265 between ages 10 and 19, meaning that 80 percent of the cases were reported in patients aged 19 and younger.

Yerushalayim has attempted to stop the spread of measles by expanding the opening hours of children’s health clinics, with special ambulances being dispatched to charedi neighborhoods to make vaccination as convenient as possible.

Last week, a 3-week-old baby was hospitalized in Bnei Brak after contracting the illness from his unvaccinated mother, who was infected by another family member. The baby was reported to be in stable condition.




  1. Of course they are going to be the hardest hit. You have a typical family of 8 kids, each in a different class at school (of some 35 kids )each kid in school is one of eight children at home. 8 x 35 x 8 = 2240 not even to mention after school interaction between neighbors kids in the building one lives. Not to mention the over 100 first cousins each family has and interacts with. Now the typical non charade family has 1 kid, a dog, a cat , and maybe a fish. They go to school with a class of 20. So we have 1 x 20 x 1 = 20.
    That’s going to be a 1:100 ratio.
    So is it something extraordinary that charaydee population centers are hardest hit?

  2. No chidush here: chareidim have more kids, specifically more too-young-to-be-vaccinated babies under 12 months old. Tel Aviv hippie antivaxxers have much less babies exposure, hence have less chances to transfer disease than chareidi antivaxxers, who may be a minority of chareidim, but have a disproportionate effect due to their exposure to babies under 12 months. Antivaxxers talk about their “right” not to vaccinate and their amoratzish take on “chaecho kodmim”; the rest of also have rights and lives – keep the antivaxxers out of our shuls, yeshivos, day cares, retail businesses, public transportation, etc. Let antivaxxers take their Darwin Award without dragging the rest of society with them.

  3. The real news is that out of all these cases, there was only one death in an immuno-compromised child. The other cases will now be immune to measles for life, plus free of all the toxins in the vaccines they didn’t get.
    Measles is so dangerous is it?

    • Are you serious or is someone paying you for this? Start with cost of modern medicine (and some “heroic measures” of considerable cost) that were required to keep the other measles cases from dying (aside from the waste spent on the one that died). Those are resources that are not available to help others with other medical needs, so others will now suffer the affects (some perhaps die) from this lack of medical resources that were used up to save the other measles cases. Then further, even those measles cases that were saved will have a percentage who will suffer from chronic health problems caused by the measles for the rest of their lives. Some affects of measles do not show up until years after the disease.

      And I detest this “will now be immune to measles for life”. The first reason I detest it is because that claim is based on the same science that gives vaccines. So the argument is self-defeating and even self-contradictory. But the second reason I detest the claim is because those who make it are as ignorant about the science behind that claim as they are about vaccines. The fact is, even aside from those with immunity problems (who clearly can catch measles over and over again), measles can “relapse” (caught a second time shortly after the first time seems cured), and it can “recur” (caught again even years after the first case is over). The latter case is very rare only because there is still a high level of vaccination. If the disease were to spread there will be many more such “recurring” measles.

    • Actually, no, measles is not so dangerous. Measles deaths were virtually nonexistent prior to introduction of vaccine, as was confirmed by doctors and nurses who claim, “In all my years I never knew anyone or heard of anyone who died from this childhood disease as it was virtually unheard of in the U.S. for anyone to die from measles.” In 2012 almost 1,000 claims have been reported of injuries and deaths of the MMR vaccination while no deaths were reported for more than 10 years from natural measles infection.

  4. Dear Anti-Vaxers in Israel: How dare you not vaccinate your child because YOU want to prevent YOUR child from becoming autistic, thereby robbing Big Pharma and Doctors from their livelihood, causing them a deficit of $540.06 US DOLLARS per child. “You will have to make up their loss,” say Ministers Yoel Hasson and Shuli Moallem-Refaeli.

    • You actually still believe the whole “vaccines cause autism” thing? You do realize that has been so thoroughly debunked that it is now a joke on the internet, right? I mean really, 10 minutes on google would give you PLENTY of evidence about that study being false. Oh, and how much do you allege that “big pharma” is paying the Moetzes in Eretz Yisroel and the Gedolim here in America who rule you are chayiv to get vaccines?

  5. “contracting the illness from his unvaccinated mother” is a LIE. She was not up to date with her vaccination, which is why her baby caught the measles. Had she gotten the measles as a child she’d had the immunity for life and so would her newborn.

    Chareidim are smart for refusing the dangerous vaccination, preferring their child a lifetime immunity after getting the measles a natural childhood disease, over causing their child to become a zombie ch”v.

  6. Anti-vaxxers who have the measles CANNOT infect those who were vaccinated with measles, UNLESS s/he was not up to date with their vaccination. The vaccination is NOT a lifetime immunity. It has to be repeated every 2 or 3 years for life. So blame yourselves if you get the measles.

  7. If anti-vaxxers who have the measles can infect those who were vaccinated with measles, then the vaccination toyg auf kapoross and the only thing the vaccination does is make your child into a zombie.

  8. No excuse. Vaccinate.

    Jews with no immunizations hurt free vigor of the whole dreaming world.

    No excuse.

  9. To all antivaxxers: it’s not your fault that you are a bunch of uneducated ignoramuses who have an inflated opinion of their brain capacity. I blame your schools for not teaching basic science and critical thinking skills.

  10. Duh, the Chareidi areas are the ones that actually have kids. yes, children spread disease more as they share toys and are play closely with one another.

    Also, if a family gets it – thats 2 adults and 6 children.

    This is fake news


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