Israeli Health Ministry: Heinz Can’t Use Term “Ketchup,” Only “Tomato Seasoning”

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heinz ketchupThe brand Heinz may be synonymous with ketchup for most of the world, but no longer in Israel, the Health Ministry recently ruled, Haaretz reports.

Heinz will no longer be allowed to label its red sauce as “ketchup” in Hebrew in Israel after local food manufacturer Osem successfully argued that its competitor’s product doesn’t meet the definition of Israel’s tandards institute. Heinz’s product must be called “tomato seasoning” instead.

The ruling does not affect English labeling.

Osem petitioned against its competitor, arguing that the Heinz ketchup does not contain enough tomato paste to be considered ketchup under Israeli regulations.

Haaretz reports that Heinz’s local importer, Diplomat, is filing its own petition to have the local definition of ketchup changed.

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  1. What a strange story – what a strange country!
    The word ‘ketchup’ belonged to Heinz – they had the registered trademark and all other competitors had to use ‘catchup’ or ‘catsup’ .

  2. Corporate welfare for Osem. Heinz invented ketchup; I think that they know what it is. Heinz should sue Israel in the World Trade Organization.

  3. ” I mean munster John Kerry”

    Kerry’s wife Teresa Heinz’ family now has nothing to do with the Heinz company. It is now half-owned by Berkshire Hathaway, whose CEO Warren Buffett is a great friend to the Jewish people.

  4. Planet Sack Cloth. If we do not have ketchup and instead have Tomato Seasoning, maybe we are just plainly going where no good mood has gone before.

    Invest in Israel, but do not change the mustard. Either or, it will be special when we do not call it mustard seed seasoning to impress the pharaoh.

    This is so weird but somewhat intelligent that even the kosher stand in the New York Subway has a filter for the weak and fragile.

    Silly to Smart. Could the real relish please stand up?


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