Israeli Leaders Express Their Condolences After Hiking Disaster


Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and other lawmakers expressed condolences to the families of the ten teenagers killed in today’s hiking incident Thursday evening.

“The State of Israel mourns the promising young lives that were cut short by this tragedy in the Arava,” Netanyahu wrote on Twitter.

Education Minister Naftali Bennett expressed condolences over the “heavy tragedy,” and said his ministry would remain in contact with the deceased students’ high schools in the coming days.

“A heavy tragedy has struck the State of Israel. Our hearts are with the families of the teenagers who met their deaths in flash floods in the south,” he said.

President Reuven Rivlin said the entire country was “mourning the loss of young promising lives in the heavy disaster.” He said Israel “embraces” the grieving families and wished the injured a speedy recovery.

The UN Special Coordinator for the Middle East Peace Process Nikolay Mladenov also expressed condolences for the tragedy, saying his “thoughts and prayers are with all in #Israel and the families of the nine children, who were tragically killed in torrential rains today around #NahalTzafit.”

“Incredible rescue teams have saved fifteen children and continue their work,” he said in a tweet.



  1. These were pre-army girls and boys. It might be Hashem’s message that it’s prohibited for girls and boys to join the army, and for women to wear weapons, as the Torah clearly stated “Lo yihiyeh kli gever al isha”. A weapon is a kli gever.


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