Israeli Rabbinate Bans Sale of Treife Meat


rabbi-yonah-metzgerAshkenazi Chief Rabbi Rav Yona Metzger has ordered a complete halt in importers’ sale of non-kosher meat to Israeli chains.  Rav Metzger’s decision has great implications for meat importers, who rushed to stop all sales after hearing it, according to him.  

In the debate held at the Chief Rabbinate of Israel, Rav Metzger mentioned that the original permit to sell non-koshered meat – or meat that is not salted in order to remove all traces of blood – was given for the benefit of non-Jewish consumers in order to cut costs.

But recently the rabbinate has discovered that many Jews were buying non-kosher meat precisely because it is cheaper, thus creating a situation in which rabbinate-approved non-kosher meat was being consumed by Jews who did not realize the meat had not undergone the proper process according to halacha.

Therefore, Rav  Metzger ordered a complete halt in sales to supermarkets and other food chains. He did not, however, ban the importation of non-kosher meat. Rav Metzger hopes that in this way the meat will end up only in stores that service non-Jewish clients.



  1. Thanks for sharing this story, and it really is an important one. I think you may have misrepresented this story in the title.

    This meat isn’t trief. From the way the this reads, it looks like the meat wasn’t properly soaked and salted before being frozen. This used to be (and may still be, I’m not in kashrus) an issue when I was in yeshiva in EY with a lot of the meat coming in from Argentina. The suppliers froze the meat before kashering it. As a result, it could only be used if it was flame broiled.

    If I’m reading this right, this would remove this meat from the market, which would be great for not only those confused and trying to keep kosher but unaware of the issues, but it would also help those who are not yet living a torah lifestyle maintain some kashrus, which has got to be good for their neshamos and klal yisrael.

  2. how about baning all non-kosher meat that is being sold in eretz isroel ?
    hasir is beeing sold since around 1985 , first it was sold in some selected butcherstores and then when the russians came to isroel it spread wide around the country. the state nevere baned it but collects taxes for these kinds of foods.
    there is no way of assuming that just goyim will eat that kind of food and it resembles areal stumblingblock for non-religiouse yehudim.
    we should stop those double standards and implant halacha as our legal code in eretz isroel and in any other place around the world where yidden live.


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