Israeli Researchers Manage To Erase The Memories Of Mice


mouseIsraeli researchers have succeeded in erasing traumatic memories from the brains of mice, using a recently developed technique called optogenetics, which allows certain brain cells to be activated or deactivated through exposure to light.

The research team, headed by Dr. Inbal Goshen from the Edmond and Lily Safra Center for Brain Sciences in the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, examined mice that had been exposed to a process called “fear conditioning.” Placed in a certain environment, the mice were given electric shocks to their feet, eventually causing the specific environment to trigger a fear response whenever they were placed in it.

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  1. #2 – you’re allowed to cause animals suffering if there is a reasonable belief that it will benefit humans, such as for food or medical progress. However, you should keep the suffering at the minimum necessary. Killing or hurting animals for enjoyment is forbidden. That’s why we don’t have Jewish sport hunters. Personally, I can’t even fish for sport, because it’s too obvious that the fish is caused pain by the hook.


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