Israeli Yeshiva Boys Win Worldwide Invention Award

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freeze-stick-israel-invention[Video below.] It’s nice to hear that a team of yeshiva students from Yerucham in southern Israel has won second place in a global science competition. But what’s even nicer is that their invention is actually something useful, and not some obscure, scientific creation that has little relevance to any of us reading

Six 14-year-old yeshiva boys from Yerucham garnered one of two runner-up awards in the First Lego League (FLL) Global Innovation competition.

The First Lego League Global Innovation Award is designed to encourage and assist FLL teams to further develop their innovative solutions to real-world problems. This year, the FLL Food Factor season challenged kids around the world to solve a food safety problem.

Eitam Aharon, Ilan Ben-Hamo, Naftali Deutsch, Tidhar Gavar, Dvir Cohen and Yedidya Froyndlich of Tzvia Yeshiva emerged victorious, beating 250 other teams to become the first Israeli team to win an FLL competition. They will receive a $5,000 grant to continue their research.

So what did they develop?

They invented the “FreezeStick,” which is a fantastic device to help with food storage.  The FreezeStick, which contains chemicals, renews the freezing of ice in a cooler, gaining 10 extra hours of cooling. The stick, when folded, sets off a chemical reaction that renews the freezing of the ice. More important than keeping our franks, burgers, and drinks cold, the FreezeStick can be used to help in the transport of medicines that must be kept cold.

The FLL finalist teams were honored at a ceremony at the United States Patent and TrademarkOffice.

See below for a video about the invention:

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{ Israel News Bureau}


  1. or used to cool off auto engines, as a cheaper and
    cooler air conditioning.
    This is a scientific revolution.
    saving billions in cost expenditures.
    Nevuah in action. Kol Ha Kavod

  2. Wouldn’t it be nice if we would also take secular studies seriously, and yeshivish kids would also win some scientific awards?

  3. Endothermic reactions have been known for centuries, as have exothermic reactions (generation of heat by mixing two chemicals).

    Heat packs and cold packs have been used in hospitals for decades using these principles.

    While these young boys seem to be quite bright, I don’t see the chiddush of this invention.

  4. I’m really amazed and impressed with these kids. Keep up the fantastic work! It’s time to show the goyim ans even non-religious Jews that we Yidden are AWESOME!!!!

  5. #5: It is cute, but but not a new concept, and not a renewable device. Throw away ice packs are used in trauma care, a bag within a bag. When slapped, the inner bag breaks and the reaction moves in one direction to make cold.

  6. For all of the groyse chachomim questioning the project:
    A. It won against the rest of the velt
    B. They are 14 year olds! Not doctoral researchers!


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