Israel’s Award Winning Product: Vegetarian ‘Pigs’ in a Blanket

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pig-in-blanketAn Israeli win was announced at the kosher food festival, Kosherfest, which opened in New Jersey on Tuesday: ‘Moses in his basket’ – the vegetarian version of pigs in a blanket won the ‘Best Fine Food from Israel’ award in the festival’s New Products competition.

The product, which belongs to the ‘Hamim ve Taim’ brand, is also known as ‘Vegetarian Hot Dog in a Blanket’ is made of a vegetarian hotdog wrapped in dough and covered in breadcrumbs.

‘Hamim ve Taim’ held on to the title from last year’s competition when it won the same category for its tahina filled falafel. Last year, Osem’s nougat filled Bamba won the ‘Best Kosher Snack’ category.

The vegetarian version of the childhood favorite wasn’t the only winner in the new products competition; it was one of 18 kosher products. A natural watermelon juice was chosen as the best new kosher drink, dried Guava took the crown from Bamba nougat as the best new snack and Kedem’s vodka with vanilla liquor won the best alcoholic drink. Australian flat bread won the overall best new product award.

The winners in the 18 categories reflect the new trend for kosher health food: low fat, with soy substitutes, natural ingredients, gluten free and organic.

Osem, Strauss and A&B Famous Gefilte Fish

This is the kosher food industry’s most important international food festival, with more than 6,000 visitors walking through its doors over two days, on October 26-27. Kosherfest is a meeting place for buyers, agents and distributers from throughout the US and Canada and it is considered the only kosher-focused event in the kosher food industry.

Israeli brands see the festival as a chance to penetrate global trade markets and network with thousands of retailers, caterers, hoteliers and wholesale distributors, from among the worlds leading companies in the field.

Some 140 companies exhibit their wares at the festival, including Israeli brands Of Tov, Yehiam, Tirat Zvi, Osem, Strauss, Prigat, Starkist, Yavne Group, Pereg Spices, Shemen Industries, Matzot Aviv, Maya Food industries and Recanati Winery. Participating American companies included: 30 Minutes Seder, Brands from Yenta Kitchen, A&B Gefilte Fish. Canadian, Australian, British and the Argentine were also on show.

Michal Neeman, manager of Business Development, Food & Beverage branch at the Israel Export & International Competition Institute said that the kosher market is a vital export market. She noted that there was a discernable rise in the number of festival participants from last year, which is most likely due to the economic recession which made it impossible for many exporters to attend last year.



  1. Eat and Eat and Eat…We need a kosherfest. More new products to make you crazy at the supermarket.
    I think the market has gone mad. You go into a store and a million things hit you at a time. The more choices you have, the more crazy you become. How much food does a person need? You walk into a supermarket, the kids don’t know where to look first. All kinds of unhealthy nosh to nudge their parents to buy! What happened to good old wholesome food? What happened to preparing food in your own kitchen? Today’s young woman are so spoiled, everything becomes stressful for them. Everything is ready for them in the stores…expense notwithstanding.
    You can’t even bread anything yourself anymore, everything is done for you at a price. All you got to do is pop it into the microwave and wa la—you got a dinner ready!!!!!
    Every year hundreds of new products, that contaminate the minds of children and adults are ready for distribution….!!!!
    And that goes for everything else too.
    When we grew up, we had a few things to choose from and it was over in a few minutes. No crying kvetching children wanting everything. Parents kept their children in check and life went on.
    I know some of you young ones will comment…
    But you don’t understand your own misery….
    Good luck

  2. I, too, agree with #1, However, I think it’s more about everyone trying to make a dollar, (in creating and selling these items) than people buying things they don’t even know exists.

  3. I have no issue with the product. You can make it easily at home with puff pastry and soy dogs. But it does seem to be a bit oxymoronic to have soy dogs (presumably eaten to avoid meat, nitrates, etc.) wrapped in dough. Unless the dough is whole wheat without transfat.

  4. The dried guava that won has been a long time treat in South Africa for a long time. It has also been sold in Israel for a long time. Klein’s did not invent anything they are just bringing a delicious treat to the US.


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