Jeb Bush: Obama Living in an Alternative Universe


jeb-bushHe took some shots at the rest of the Republican field. “I think my record of accomplishment as governor of Florida is one that I can take to Republican voters and if I’m succesful there to a larger audience,” Bush said. “It’s been a while since a governor has cut taxes every year totaling $19 billion. It’s been a while for a governor to have shrunk the work force by 13,000. It’s been a while for many states to go to AAA bond rating status. It’s been a while for the kind of prosperity that we had.”

On Christie’s record, Bush attacked by stating, “That’s different than ours.”

Bush attacked the press as too process driven. “Jeez, you are so process driven,” he told his interviewer. “I don’t buy any of the horse race stuff. This is a long process.”

He also attacked Rand Paul’s position on the National Security Agency’s metadata collection program.

But for Obama, Bush had the harshest critisim. “Breathtaking,” he said, referring to recent comments from Obama saying he restored America’s standing in the world since President George W. Bush was president. “It was like our president is living in an alternative universe.”

Bush said he was very likely to run for president, and was not able to list a reason he would not run. But for now, he’s still officially exploring a presidential run.


{ Newscenter}


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