Jeb Prays for Muslims Killed in Stampede

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jebJeb Bush tweeted that he is praying for the hundreds of Muslims killed during a stampede in Mecca Thursday.

“Praying for the hundreds of innocent Muslims who suffered a tragic death in the stampede in Mecca during the Hajj pilgrimage,” he wrote.

More than 700 people were killed and hundreds of others were injured during the Islamic pilgrimage. Read more at Twitter.



  1. This is a tragedy. If Dr. Carson has any common sense, he will concede and drop out of the election. His values are so poor that this tragedy should be mentioned in his daily speech? Think he can even have the merit to speak of a tragedy after declaring that they are so ungodly that they can not hold office? I think not.

    He is a criminal and this is a horrible event. We must learn to drive our Islamic friends to better planes of human achievement. They are not the underclass or the broken direction. They are our people in many places we will visit and live. And we can not fix the wicked.

    G-d is a G-d who has created this planet. To think he has no power to stop the wicked is to think he does not exist. We are indeed keeping our ways. If we keep our ways, the enemy can not win. Thus Islam in its crimes today can be helped to an Islam that is friends with Israel tomorrow.

    It works. Its called Torah. And we are the people who have that Calling.

  2. Talk about pandering! Even Moslems don’t pray for Moslems killed during Haj. It is celebrated as sort of on honor like being a shahid. Listen, nearly every year there are stampedes during Haj, and the resulting deaths are quite common. Saudi Arabians don’t seem that concerned, so what is Jeb Bush getting so worked up about? This is just Moslems practicing their religion in their unique fashion. If people die, they die. So what? Ho-hum.


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