Jew Detained for Satirical Facebook Post About Arab Stabbing

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unnamedA 22 year old man who recently completed his army service in an IDF combat unit was detained this week after posting a satirical post, which he had written, on his Facebook page.

The post deals with the security situation from a satirical angle (translation): “I’m sitting in the hospital. Suddenly an Arab nurse comes up to me and says: Now you’ll feel a slight stabbing … I didn’t think twice before I shot her.”

The man who posted it did not expect to find himself in a police station being interrogated for having written those lines, which soon went viral in the social media.

A Honenu attorney arrived at the police station and provided the detainee with legal assistance. After several hours of interrogation the detainee was released on bond.

Honenu said in a statement: “Someone in the Jerusalem Police is not thinking clearly. Israel is facing a wave of terror, the social media networks are filled with incitement to harm Jews, only yesterday Arabs carried out several terror attacks in Jerusalem, the capital city, and the Jerusalem Police detain a combat soldier who recently completed his army service, because of a satirical post? This is at best confusion and at worst a complete lack of direction. The post does not constitute any violation of the law. It is a shame that the police conducted themselves as they did.”

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  1. This is very sad and stupid. It sounds funny to make a joke about an arab but to make the insinuation that you were going to be his victim to be your own clever hate criminal yourself, you are that stupid. This is bad interest.

  2. The Israeli system allows Arabs to get away with real murder-producing incitement. A Jew makes as much as a chirp, and the Judenrat throws a book at him. Arabs are an artificial problem created by the self-hating erev rav – it’s a known fact that in 1967 Arabs wanted to leave Eretz Isroel and even marked their mosque’s stones for taking apart and rebuilding elsewhere, until the retarded Israeli government begged them to reconsider. If there was no Arabs, the suicidal elites would have imported some other enemy group.


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