Jewish Group: Pelosi’s ‘Stormtrooper’ Quip ‘Offensive To Jews Across World’

SAUL LOEB/AFP/Getty Images)
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The Conference of Jewish Affairs has called the use of the term “stormtroopers” by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., in reference to federal officers sent to Portland to quell violent protests in the city “offensive to Jews across the world.”

Pelosi recently called agents from the Department of Homeland Security “stormtroopers” and claimed they were kidnapping people on the streets.

The Conference of Jewish Affairs condemned the stormtrooper term as a “vile” insult toward federal officers helping to keep peace in the streets.

“Nancy Pelosi’s deliberate use of the term ‘stormtroopers’ to describe America’s homeland security officers quelling riots and protecting people in Portland is a vile accusation against our good officers and offensive to Jews across the world,” Rabbi Aryeh Spero said in a statement. “Speaker Pelosi must know that the stormtroopers were Hitler’s private regiment to round up innocent Jews and ship them off to concentration camps.”

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  1. I don’t find things offensive easily but referring to federal officers sent to Portland to quell violent protests in Portland as stormtroopers in beyond outrage.

  2. These officers are violating statutory law and the US Constitution. Both prohibit using federal resources to enforce local law without the approval of local authorities. I am more worried about that than about the language Pelosi used.

    • You don’t know what you are talking about. It seems the Corona virus has made you and your Democrat friends totally meshugge.

    • No they are not. They are protecting federal property, i.e., federal courthouses. To the extent this represents an insurrection against the government, that provides additional grounds for sending in federal resources. Whether that is wise is another matter. Maybe they should let Portland burn to the ground. I am worried about the lawlessness.

    • No they are not. They are protecting federal property. It also seems as if Antifa is starting an insurrection. Both of which permit the federal government to intervene. It may not be wise. It may be wiser to let the thugs burn Portland down, but you prefer having people swallow each other alive than law and order, to paraphrase the mishan

  3. if she can call the China virus the Trump virus, then stormtroopers is because she’s a Socialist / Communist and anti-American and anti-civilization

  4. Some Jews are trying to justify their own existence by accusing others of appearing anti-Semitic when nothing of the sort is meant.
    A person uses the strongest term they can muster when trying to prove a point. i.e. calling someone a dinosaur when he obviously has no resemblance to one, calling a big person a gorilla or an elephant, etc. Pelosi (as much as I don’t like her) here meant no harm by using the term storm-trooper, but was trying to drive home a point.

    • I agree with you that I prefer Jewish organizations stay out of this, but there are Jewish groups on the left constantly accusing Trump of anti-semitism because of his sometimes excessive statements. Sauce for the goose.

  5. For Mr spero, I suggest you look at his website, he might have an agenda. I have more people for you to be outraged fo on behalf of the “Jewish People.”
    My Great granfather was killed in the home by Nazis, stormtroopers, and my grandfather was arrested and shot in a firing line.
    Mr. Spero outrage is political and not sincere because he was silent when lawful warrants were exercised and Trump and his sycophants called FBI Stormtroopers.
    What Trump, Barr and his unconfirmed DHS Head is doing is unconstitutional, but hey who cares…

  6. There is a big disconnect. Mrs. Pelosi (with her crooked husband Paul) is a multi millionare who lives in an exclusive all WHITE gated community. She, like many politicians, have no clue of the real struggles that everyday Americans go thru just to survive. She is a classic white elitist living in her ivory tower enjoying the finest life has to offer, who detests the average hardworking peasant. She views us as a necessary evil in order for her to enjoy this world. It’s elitists such as Mrs. Pelosi that throw out words and terminology that are hurtful, insensitive, and racist to the average citizen. This priviliged white female never had a bad day in her life. When elitists like her, who sip on expensive wine, from cradle to grave, try to “act and talk like the little guy” and show us that they “feel our pain”, we say, get lost and leave us alone. Don’t lecture us on how to feel and act. Go back to your kind.

  7. and when Abe Ribicoff said the Chicago police used “gestapo tactics” was that offensive to Jews? Let’s stop looking for reasons to portray ourselves as victims.


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