Jewish Man Carjacked in Brooklyn

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By COLlive reporter

A Jewish man was the victim of a brutal carjacking in Crown Heights this morning.

The man, a resident of Crown Heights, had just gotten into his car on Kingston Avenue at 7:45 am.

After starting the car, the victim got out to clean his front window, when two assailants attacked him, pushed him down, and jumped into the car.

In the struggle, the victim sustained injuries, and he was taken to Kings County Hospital.

The carjackers attempted to drive away in the vehicle, however they lost control of the vehicle on Montgomery Street near Kingston Avenue, at which point they abandoned the vehicle and fled the scene.

Shmira obtained security footage images of the perp. If seen call Shmira 718-221-0303 and 911.



  1. Organize and fight back. Do hishtadlus, instead of endangering the entire community by perpetuating a notion that Jews are soft targets who can be attacked with impunity. Don’t be arrogant, but don’t be a pushover either. Speak softly and carry a big stick.

    • No need for that. Newly elected Letitia James is fighting for us and keeping us all safe. She is doing what we the taxpayers are paying her to do.


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