Jewish Practice in Europe ‘Severely Under Threat,’ Prominent Rabbi Warns


Jewish practice in Europe is “severely under threat,” a prominent rabbi from the continent warned this week.

“The continued efforts made by several European nations to restrict our ability to observe important religious customs and traditions are increasingly worrying and problematic,” Chief Rabbi of Moscow Pinchas Goldschmidt — president of the Conference of European Rabbis — said at a gathering in Geneva, Switzerland. “Following the recent banning of religious slaughter in two regions of Belgium and challenges to religious circumcision in Iceland, there are constant discussions in other states including Sweden, France and Germany.”

Goldschmidt noted that protecting Jewish life in Europe was “of the utmost importance within today’s political and social climate.”

“The future of the Jews in Europe is once again thrown into question,” he added. “Many are experiencing huge anxiety about whether they are able to continue living on this continent.”

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