Jews Called Police In London About “Hidden Weapons” That Turned Out To Be Smartphones!


Police in London were called to settle an argument between a group of chassidim angry at  two smartphone owners.

According to the report, the police were told that the men were carrying undercover weapons – only to find out that the weapons they were referring to were smartphones.

The police officers were visibly annoyed at being called for a petty argument, with one exasperated officer telling the disputants, “There are people who are actually being hurt outside and we’re being called here for a disagreement.”



  1. How is this newsworthy?
    Made to poke fun at chassidim or something?
    I’m not from America and knew nothing of the vaccination issue before seeing it on your website. It is so blatantly obvious what the matzav team’s opinion is based on how they deliver the news. You’re pro-vaccination, I get it, and if it was an issue in my country I’d definately have an opinion too, but as a news service why do you have to make it so obvious what your opinion is? Poking fun at those who you disagree with in the process.
    And this story? Not even a blip on the news radar…just trying to highlight the stupidity of certain individuals while allowing the public to formulate unfavourable opinions of the whole group they happen to be a part of.
    Do your job. Print the news.
    Not your opinion…not your bias…not social incidences that paint certain Jews in a bad light… Just the news.
    Now I remember why I stopped reading this site a few years ago. Will probably happen again soon.

    Cue the onslaught of people telling me to get lost.

    PS. Be aware that not everyone who visits matzav lives in America and the view of the Jewish world someone outside of the US would get from reading this news site is rather horrible indeed.

    • I won’t tell you to get lost just take your head out of the sand. Having said that I disagree with you on vaccinations. Who else should make the public aware of the health crisis if not the news media? Like it or not the news media always have a bias in reporting the news. As far as smartphones if your rov says no smart phones in shul then you have a right to tell someone to shut it, but to call the police that’s overkill. I think the point of this article is to show that some people have taken this smartphone “issur” a bit to far.

      • I didn’t say they shouldn’t report about vaccinations. I said they shouldn’t make it so obvious what their opinion is.
        As for my head being in the sand…not caring about some Jews calling the cops for no good reason is me not having my head in the garbage.

  2. to JEW from outside the US

    PLEEEAASE do not take MATZAV as any sort of representative of AMERICAN JEWRY as you note so well ויש עוד הרבה להויסף they are from the lowest people around who will print any junk that any tabloid wouldn’t print s long as it will get views without any care in the world to the הלכה או חילול השם that come out of this. definitely please follow your instincts and get this garbage off your computer.

  3. “Now I remember why I stopped reading this site a few years ago. Will probably happen again soon.” Sadly, the other religious sites for English speaking people are worse which is probably why you and many others left them. This site can at best be described as Rosh Leshualim.

  4. This seems like a major Chillul Hashem. Why would you call goyishe policemen to out-frum the next guy? Wasting enforcement resources over silly stupidity? Smacks of genaiva.

  5. whats wrong with making an opinion known? who says you cant have an opinion? oh and you dont like that matzav is clearly against these people? so YOU dont like THEIR opinion. I DO.
    that said. those who do have smartphones should have basic respect and not antagonize those who want nothing to do with them. for good reason.


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