Jews Davening at Kever Aharon Threatened With Jail for Praying  

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Kol Haolam reports that a group of Jews visiting Jordan to daven at the kever of Aharon HaKohen on Har Hahar in Jordan on his yahrtzeit yesterday were threatened with jail if they daven and were advised by the Israeli Foreign Ministry to cut short their visit.
Menashe Zelicha of Bnei Brak said that “policemen came into the hotel and were shouting and went wild, saying that in a minute they would take us out of Jordan if we made even a tiny squeak. They told us, ‘Whoever prays will be taken to jail.’” Guards at the border refused to let them bring in books, talleisim or tefillin.
Rosh Chodesh Av is Aharon HaKohen’s yahrtzeit, the only one mentioned specifically in the Torah.
{Kol Haolam / Israel}


  1. What a joke. NOBODY knows the exact location of where Aaron Hakohen is buried. We know where hor hahar is as much as we know where har Ararat (where the taiva ended up) is. What’s with all this speculation? Soon they will be having tour groups going to the alleged site of Moshe Rabbienu’s kever. These kever hopping people, really have to calm down and get a day job. Rav Chaim Kanievsky said it’s much more misugal to daven by the Kosel, where the shchina resides, rather than by kvarim. Enough already.

  2. Has anyone visited the “other” Har Hohor in Lebanon, the mesora for which is just as good as for the Jordanian one?

    • Its brought down in the sefer “Rav Chaim Kanievsky on the three weeks” by Artscroll, page:40. Rav Chaim says clearly that “the most auspicious place to pray in Eretz Yisroel – far more so than gravesites of tzaddikim, such as Me’aras HaMachpelah and Kever Rachel”
      Look it up yourself.
      Its not a stirah.

  3. Some freedom of religion. Where are all the liberal human-rights groups? Obviously the liberals are anything but liberal when it comes to Jews, should be classified as fascists instead.

  4. Nonsense the Hor Hahor in Lebanon is NOT the Kever Aharon. It is way up north. The one in Jordan IS accurately identified as it is the only mountain in the appropriate area that is “tapuach al gabei tapuach”. As for the exact location of the Kever… That is anybody’s guess.

    • Who cares their are two kevorim for jews to historical visit kever Rachel and meoras hamachpela ! Every thing else is revisionism


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