Jimmy Carter No Longer Needs Cancer Treatments

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Former President Jimmy Carter announced on Sunday he no longer is required to receive cancer treatments. Speaking in Plains, Georgia, the 91-year-old said that a magnetic resonance imaging scan showed he no longer needed treatment.

Carter announced in August that he had a mass removed from his liver. The mass ended up being melannoma, a dangerous form of skin cancer.

Carter said doctors would continue to monitor him and that “if a cancer shows up again, I’ll start getting treatments again.” Read more at NBC News.

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    • Who cares? Maybe his treatment and outcome will help others including yidden, that’s why we should care. Gevald what will be with today’s people

  1. It is interesting because the treatment he received was a joint effort between Israel and the United States in the cure for cancer. So one of the countries he hates most just saved his life, I am waiting for a thank you to Israel, but I guess I should not hold my breath.


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