Joe Lieberman: Obama Sends ‘Mixed’ Message Toward Israel

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joe-liebermanPresident Barack Obama is sending a “mixed” message regarding foreign policy toward Israel, 2000 Democratic vice presidential nominee and former Connecticut Sen. Joe Lieberman said on Fox News.

On the one hand, Lieberman told “Fox & Friends” that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said the U.S. had been “terrific” during their crisis with the terrorist organization Hamas in Gaza. Conversely, he said, talks between the Obama administration and Hamas supporters were cause for concern.

“I think the Israelis feel, and a lot of pro-Israel Americans feel, that the administration has not seemed to be totally with Israel – defending Israel’s right to exist, and yet beginning to negotiate with Qatar and Turkey, who are open supporters of Hamas, which naturally infuriates the Israelis,” Lieberman, who is now an independent, said Monday. “It’s more mixed with the Obama administration.”

Holding negotiations with Hamas also upset U.S. allies Saudi Arabia and Egypt, who Lieberman said feared Hamas might “come out of this conflict stronger than they are now.”

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  1. Obama himself sends a “clear” message against Israel. Some “good” words are spoken because Congress and MOST AMERICANS support Israel. He wants his Democrats to be re-elected. BUT AMERICANS HAD ENOUGH OF DEMOCRATS/DICTATORS and will VOTE REPUBLICAN from now on


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