Jonathan Pollard Complains Israel Doesn’t Care About Him

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Israeli former spy Jonathan Pollard, who spent 30 years in jail in the United States, gave one of his first media interviews after his release almost four years ago.

Despite strict parole conditions prohibiting him from speaking to the press, Pollard is opened up to reporters, complaining that the Israeli leadership doesn’t care about him.

“If you don’t care about someone like myself, who spent 30 years in prison on behalf of the land and people of Israel, then how much concern can you actually show or exhibit or feel towards anybody in the country, from our soldiers to our civilians?” he says.

Read more at Times of Israel.



  1. He is 1000% right!!!

    How anyone can send their child to the IDF is beyond me! They never think about the soldier life, they only think in their political terms, is it beneficial for me or not…

  2. What does he want them to do for him?

    Anyway as the Mishna in Pirke Avos says “Be careful with the government .They act like they are a person’s friend when it benefits them but they don’t stand by him when he is going through difficult times”

    In fairness you can’t expect the Israeli government to be too involved with Pollard. Doing so would be an implicit admission that they asked him to spy on the US so being very involved with him now would be a diplomatic disaster.

  3. He wasn’t Israeli when he was a spy – he was American selling information to the Israelis., and only because they would pay, while other governments would not.
    I believe he gained Israeli citizenship later, but they don’t owe him anything.

    • Dear Dave, who told you that Pollard was selling to the highest bidder, Casper Weinberger and the rest of the Jew-hating deep state?! Don’t spread lies about Jews, you traitor.

  4. And yet, Jeff Sessions refused to prosecute John Kerry for spying for the Iranians. Jeff Sessions should be arrested for treason.

  5. The only reason why Pollard got hard time was because he was a Jew benefitting a Jewish state. If he was a goy spying for England, he would have gotten away with a slap on the wrist.

  6. You may call me naive, but I always had some inclination and feeling that there is more to the Pollard story then what meets the eye. A 30 years prison sentence for a crime which others who have done worse received lighter consequences, seems to me as an indication that there was something more serious about his crime. Again, the fact that even after all of the petitions which have reached the desk of the many presidents and still he was not granted a pardon, seems to indicate some unknown details of his case. That being said, it may be for that reason why the Israeli government is keeping away from involving themselves. Just speculation, but who knows.

  7. Dear 12:34, just a speculation, but I have an inclination that you are a not the sharpest pencil in a box. In your alternative reality, are Jews treated fairly, there is no deep state antisemitism, perhaps Holocaust never happened?! On planet Earth things are different, dumbo.


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