Jordan Arabs Attack Neturei Karta

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netureiJordanian Arabs scuffled with anti-Zionist and pro-Palestinian Authority Neturei Karta members in the Global March on Jerusalem rally Friday. No one was injured.

Neturei Karta is a small fringe sect that attracts much publicity from wire service photographers, following its activities from the United States to Iran in its campaign against the establishment of the State of Israel. The sect’s chassidic dress makes it easy to generalize and make them seem more important than they are. The group joined approximately 30,000 Jordanian Arabs in the protest that failed to reach a significant percentage of the 1-2 million people that organizers promised.

American, European and South African activists attended the rally, and most of the Arabs were Muslims against the regime of King Abdullah II. The country’s Muslim Brotherhood leader, Hammam Said, told the demonstrators, “Volunteers from around the world have come to Jordan to demand the end of occupation and returning Palestinian rights to their owners. They have sacrificed thousands of martyrs and prisoners so far.”

A measly turnout in Lebanon was augmented by foreign protesters and Arabs from UNRWA villages, who were transported by buses to protest points. Three Neturei Karta agitators also were there.

Lebanese soldiers prevented them from reaching the border with Israel.

Hizbullah terrorist leaders joined the demonstrators, and one Hizbullah sheikh said, “The nation’s right to the whole of Palestine is not dead.

“Palestine is not waiting for the Arab summit or international decisions. The Palestinian nation relies on the guns of fighters in Gaza, in Ramallah and in Bint Jbeil,” a village near the Israeli border and which was a key battle site in the Second Lebanon War in 2006.

The entire episode, part of the much vaunted and little noted March on Jerusalem, fizzled out after a short while.

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  1. “Jordanian Arabs scuffled with anti-Zionist and pro-Palestinian Authority Neturei Karta members in the Global March on Jerusalem rally Friday. No one was injured”

    Hope these fellows finally get it making nice nice is just not either the right or good idea

  2. To bad the Jordanians didn’t beat the daylights out of those wicked “Jews”! These charletans must be taught a heavy lesson! Shame on the Jordanians! They would of had full support of the Jewish community!

  3. They are not Neturei (the watchers) Karta (of the city…Yerushalayim) they are Mashchisei Karta the destroyer….
    Matzav from now on please refrain fom reffering to thos hoodlooms in a respectible way and rather call them something like Mashchisei Karta

  4. These neturei kurta quacks crack me up. Their whole premise for their anti-semitic stance is based on “shelo yalu bechoma” so what do they do? March on yerushalayim

  5. These NK hoodlums are deranged. They have not figured out yet that the world EQUATES Jews as ISRAEL and Israel as JEWS. Wake up and smell the coffee or get burnt badly!!

  6. ????? ????? ?? ????,
    they are our enemies no question, but they are yidden. we would still be ???? ??? to save them

  7. Instead of the typical emotional tirades I always like to read between the lines. Neturey karta are well meaning Jews that are trying even in this extreme way to live with a sad situation. Yaakov met Eisav and so they see it that way,I believe it does not work. But I will never ever rejoice when a Jew is in danger. I hope they come home safely for yom tov.

  8. Give me a break, No. 13 you’re either extremely naive or still drunk from Purim. You will never rejoice when a Jew is in danger. Well, what do you think these neturei kartanuts are doing to Yidden in E.Y.? Do they think that if they “won” chas v’sholom, the Jordanians or Iranians or whomever they’re siding with wouldn’t wipe out as many Yidden in E.Y. as theu could? I doubt H’ is shepping any nachas from them. They make me sick and I wish them nothing but the worst


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