Justice Thomas Denies Request For Injunction Against Federal Transportation Mask Mandate

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Justice Clarence Thomas denied a request for an injunction against the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s mandate requiring masks on public transportation, the Washington Examiner reported.

Thomas on Tuesday night handed down an order denying an appeal that had been made to the Supreme Court last week challenging the CDC’s mandate, which has been extended through Sept. 13.

Although it didn’t mention the case, Thomas’ decision came a week after Lucas Wall, a frequent flyer from Washington, D.C., asked the court to halt the mandate in a complaint leveled against the CDC, President Joe Biden, and a slew of other federal agencies, the Examiner reported.

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  1. The only way to stop the masks and vaks tyranny is to protest, like they’re presently doing in Cuba, South Africa, France, Greece, Australia, Germany and other countries and cities.
    In France, the protesters are chasing the police down the streets.
    In Greece the protesters are shouting to the leaders: “Take your vaccines and get out of here!”

    • I believe it’s in Austria where the police joined the protesters. Everyone is fed up with this foolishness, even the police.

      The world is in turmoil. The violence and civil unrest worldwide created by the Deep State in their last moments of desperation before their arrests. The South African chaos is coming to the US, Mike Adams says.

  2. I don’t want anyone sneezing or coughing on me. I wear a mask and I hope everyone else wears one too especially on a crowded flight. I could understand not wanting to take an experimental vaccine that can make you sick or even kill you but what is the big deal about wearing a mask? You sound like a bunch of babies.


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