Kamala Harris Blasted for Lincoln-Supreme Court ‘History Lesson’

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Democratic vice presidential nominee Kamala Harris was criticized for her debate “history lesson” involving President Abraham Lincoln’s alleged decision to wait until after the election to fill a Supreme Court vacancy, the Washington Examiner reports.

When a debate topic got sidetracked into a conversation about packing the Supreme Court and when to fill the seat of late Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Harris began discussing a similar situation that occurred in 1864 when Lincoln was president.

“In 1864 … Abraham Lincoln was up for reelection,” Harris said. “And it was 27 days before the election. And a seat became open on the United States Supreme Court. Abraham Lincoln’s party was in charge not only of the White House but the Senate. But Honest Abe said, ‘It’s not the right thing to do. The American people deserve to make the decision about who will be the next president of the United States, and then that person will be able to select who will serve on the highest court of the land.’”

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  1. Nebech…. she’s blasted for a history lesson…. Harris finally had something to sell other than… ‘I’m talking…’… she really came unprepared…

  2. One thing I did get from this debate which I didn’t get from the president’s debate is; the reasons I will vote for Trump and not the progressive idiots. I hope Trump prepares a little for the next debate.

  3. Harris is right. Chief Justice Roger B. Taney died October 12, 1864. Election day was November 8, 1864. Lincoln could have called Congress into special session to ramrod an appointment through. He did not. Trump is no Lincoln.

    There was another case where a vacancy occurred even later in the campaign. Justice Sherman Minton (a Democrat) resigned for health reasons October 15, 1956. Election day was November 6, 1956. Eisenhower could have called Congress into special session to ramrod an appointment through. But instead he did two unusual things. He selected a Democrat, William Brennan, as his nominee. Eisenhower had already named two Republicans to the Court and there was this strange idea that Presidents should not be too partisan in their appointments. Starting with President Taft, every President had made at least one appointment of the opposite party with the exception of Calvin Coolidge, who only made one appointment, Harlan Fiske Stone. (FDR would appoint Stone, a Republican, as Chief Justice.) Eisenhower gave Brennan a temporary “recess” appointment instead. Brennan would be easily confirmed in the next congressional session for a life term. Trump is no Eisenhower.

    Since Brennan, the only appointment of a Justice from the opposite party has been Richard Nixon’s appointment of Lewis Powell.


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