Kashrus Alert: Snapple Fruit Punch Mislabled


snapple1Be advised that the 24 pack – 20 oz plastic bottles of Snapple, made by Snapple Beverage Corporation, has been incorrectly labeled OK Pareve. Each 24 pack contains 3 flavors: Mango Madness and Kiwi Strawberry are kosher, OK certified and have the OK symbol on the label. Fruit Punch is not certified and is not kosher.

Labels are being corrected. The product may be returned to the store for a refund.

{Matzav.com Newscenter}


  1. why buy snapple and run in to these kashrus problems, get squeezr with a heimishe hechsher of mechon le’horoah of monsey and you wond have any problem

  2. snapple drinks dont contain more then 5-1`0 % juice that means that the other 90-95% is…
    squeezr juice has some flavors with 100%juice not from concentrate like apple juice orange juice and all the other flavors have atleast 20 % juice AND THEY HAVE A 100% KOSHER FRUIT PUNCH, GRAPE JUICE ETC with no misslabeling, so the choice is clear get squeezr

  3. you can get squeezr everywhere & if your store doesnt carry it ask him why? try it once & you wont stop buying it.

  4. you can buy squeezr by the case for a good price in some supermarket & bring it to your children in camp without any shaila on the hechsher
    its in plastic
    it comes only 12 in a case
    easy to shlep

  5. Just for the record, this problem is a few months old. I spoke to the OK about it and it was being corrected. These packs are mainly sold at club stores. The OK is only on the outside of the pack, there is no OK on the bottle itself. By now the problem should have been resolved. But double check anyway.


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