Kashrus Updates: Half-Moon K, Slurpees, Tums

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kashrus-symbolsMatzav.com shares the following important kashrus updates: 

The OU now stands behind products bearing the Half Moon K symbol.

  • The newest Slurpee flavor is Mountain Dew Thin Ice. This and all Mountain Dew flavors are kosher pareve.

The recently redesigned Tums label inadvertently omits the “Diamond-K” Kosher symbol from its packaging. The company has taken steps to have the kosher designation placed back on its label. However, it may take several months until all existing packaging is depleted. All products which previously had the kosher logo appear on the packaging will remain kosher certified whether or not the “Diamond-K” symbol appears on the label.

At the request of readers, we post the Half-Moon K symbol here:






{Dovid Bernstein-Matzav.com Newscenter/Kashrut.com}


    • When a major Orthodox hescher takes control of a smaller hescher, everyone who remains is retrained under the stricter halachas. During that period all inspections are overseen by supervisory mashgiachs. Once training is completed, oversight can be relaxed. The head mashgiach at the larger organization still calls the shots. We don’s soften our standards or there would not be any more respect for the hescher. They don’t retire the old hescher as the vendors would have to retool and that’s not fair.

    • For all intents and purposes they are supervised and part of OU. The poor supervision is gone. Note that those of us who are Ortodox, should not purchase any Triangle K goods as they are Conservative. The best lists are from CRC and Star-K.

  1. The Half Moon K is The Kosher Overseers Association of America (KOAOA, or Half-Moon-K). Based on the West Coast.

    Was owned by Harold Sharfman who died.

    Was run at one point by Rabbi Chaim Hisiger, a brilliant kashrus expert who later left.

    Then it went through some difficult times.

    Then the OU took over.

  2. It would be helpful to have an update with the actual half moon K picture. It is not the CK next to the CRC (Chicago, triangle) on the bottom row.

  3. What about Tablet K? Looks like luchos with K inside them? I see them on the supermarket brand cheese and it’s a whole lot cheaper than Miller’s!!

    • Not Orthodox, as far as I know. I won’t buy it. Scroll-K is reliabe. So is OK and CRC and Star-K, etc. Kosher Quest and CRC are the best lists.

  4. This is from Kashrusmagazine.com.

    >The “Tablet-K.” Rabbi Rafael Saffra is a musmach of RIETS. He has been the Director of the Tablet-K since it began 20 years ago.<

    Don’t know what to make of the comments on it.

  5. Being in the Kashrus line for many years I will take this opportunity to enlighten the public that Tablet K is 100% NOT Kosher.


    Its time we get together and put an end to all fake phony fraud Hashgochas.

  6. There is no more Half Moon K… It was absorbed by OU which now certifies all of the companies previously certified by Half Moon K – after reviewing and upgrading.
    Forget Tablet K…

  7. There is a bakery in Hewlett (one of the five towns) which is under the “tablet k” and it is open on Shabbos! It has been under them for as long as i can remember, and nobody goes there. It is called Wall’s Bake shop.


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