Kasich Wins Ohio Primary

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Donald Trump was denied a victory in a key winner-take-all state, Ohio, which was won by its own sitting governor, John Kasich.

That victory doesn’t make Kasich a likely nominee: he has now won a grand total of one state. But, without Ohio’s 66 delegates, Trump now faces a difficult path to reach the majority of delegates he needs to avoid a “contested” GOP convention, in which no candidate enters with a majority of delegates locked up.

In that chaotic situation — not seen in the GOP since 1976 — delegates could choose one of the candidates who ran, or someone else entirely. If their choice is not Trump, the party may have to face strong anger from his supporters, or even a third-party candidacy from Trump himself.

(C) The Washington Post


  1. Kasich is a great guy. He will not be a shame to human value and achievement like the other 2 candidates today. Of course, the GOP wont elect him today. Ronald Reagan was too big a plan for them to ever see another great placement in history in the hate hole that they created with the pessimism for American value.

    Trump comes. Bones go gawking. And I will not vote for a madman.

    This is a corruption of the very liberty that the American Dream was created to defend.

    Scary of course. Why do I have to write that word so much this year.



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