Kendel Felix Charged in Robbery-Gone-Wrong Murder of Reb Menachem Stark z”l

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menachem-starkMore info has emerged regarding the man arrested in the killing of Reb Menachem Stark z”l of Williamsburg, first reported here  on this morning.

Kendel Felix of Brooklyn was arrested on the murder charge. An NYPD spokesman did not give a motive for the slaying and would not say if there were any other suspects in custody.

The 26-year old was charged with second-degree murder after he incriminated himself during police questioning.

Sources say several other suspects are still being investigated.

The suspects worked for a contractor hired by Reb Menachem.

“All signs point to a robbery gone very wrong,” a source told

The suspects assumed that Reb Menachem was carrying a large amount of money when he was abducted as he left his office during a snowstorm. Surveillance footage shows Reb Menachem being forced into a minivan the night of January 2. The suspects dumped his body in a trash bin at a gas station miles away in Long Island.

Assemblyman Dov Hikind lashed out at those who engaged in a defamatory campaign against Reb Menachem shortly after his death.

“If you go back to the tragedy,” said Hikind, “so many things were alluded to. So many things were said about the people who hated him and that everyone was out to get him. Based on what we know right now, it seems that all of the conjecture was absolutely wrong and that this was simply a robbery gone awry.”

Hikind criticized the New York Post for the crude cover thenewspaper featured with the headline “Who didn’t want him dead?”

“Even today, when we know that his death was just a robbery, the Post is still referring to him as a ‘slumlord,'” said Hikind. “Even as the family was sitting shivah, there were so many horrible stories that were being spread around, pointing the finger at the whole community.”

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  1. What about the other men seen in that video? They all got into the same van. Why wernt they arrested? Arnt they accomplises? Who put the cell phone under the victims car? What about the victims partners? Why did they go into hiding? Why wernt they arrested? Why did they choose Kendell to be the fall guy for everyone?

  2. why does he have to be announced as a black man. do you have such bad vision to tell the difference between black and white unless your color blind

  3. 6 million Jews were murdered by white supremacist Just by WWII alone ,can you even compare it to black people murdering Jews?

    We are so brain washed…..The only difference is that white people make their murders legal!


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