Ketzaleh: Israel Can Annihilate Iran in a Second


yaakov-katzNational Union party Chairman MK Yaakov (“Ketzaleh”) Katz pushed the envelope of official ambiguity Monday regarding Israel’s offensive nuclear capabilities. MK Katz said that Israel has the ability to destroy enemies like Iran and Syria “in a second’s time.”

The statement is most likely a reference to military nuclear capabilities, which Israel has never officially admitted to possessing.

Speaking at a session of a Knesset lobby dedicated to teaching the lessons of the Holocaust, the fiery, Biblically-bearded MK Katz said the greatest revenge against the Germans, who desired to annihilate the Jewish people, is the Jewish nation’s fertility and natural growth.

Ketzaleh opined that Israel should end the custom of bringing visiting heads of state to Holocaust memorial museum Yad VaShem. Such visits, he said, show the dignitaries a humiliating, Diaspora side of the Jewish nation.

Instead, he said, Israel should show visitors the pinnacles it has reached since the Holocaust and despite it.

“We must show them that we have the capability to destroy Iran within a second’s time, and Syria in a minute’s time, should they dare lift a hand to us,” he said.

The Arab League has called for an end to Israel policy of ambiguity regarding its alleged stockpile of nuclear weapons.

The NU is not a member of the government coalition and MK Katz holds no government position. He is, however, a decorated Yom Kippur War hero who served in an elite IDF unit, as do his sons today.

Read more at Arutz Shevah.

{Arutz Shevah/ Newscenter}


  1. its this idea of bitul hagalut (negation of the diaspora) which infects the zionist world both secualr and religious that is so offensive and wrong to Torah true Judaism. From changing our srname from Moskowitz and Myerson to Ben Moshe and Meir to looking down upon the generations of erhlicheh yidden during our long and present galus to askenazim changing their havarah during davening and for learning the Zionists have turned their back on our greatest strength, our mesorah


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