Kever Of The Panim Meiros Undergoes Renovation At Behest Of The US And Austrian Governement

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Same time Austrian counselor visits Israel , the Austrian and American government decide to renovate the kever of R Meir Eisenstadt the Baal Panim Meiros.

Rabbi Meir Eisenstadt, who is named after the city where he served as rabbi until his passing, and was also buried there, is known for his famous sefer , “Panim Me’iros”.
But it’s only now, three hundred years after his passing, that the Austrian government, in conjunction with the US government and the local Jewish community decided to renovate the ancient tomb and mark it at a special ceremony.

An American delegation led by Paul Facker arrived yesterday at the ancient cemetery. Speaking at the ceremony, Facker said, “We are here because it is our duty to recognize, celebrate and preserve our Jewish heritage.”

He added that it is especially important when the Jewish heritage is under threat by forces that seek to deny our right to celebrate who we are and where we came from.

“We must ensure that our work on this issue does not end here. And of course, we must work to uphold our homeland, the Land of Israel.”




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