Kiddush Hashem: Story of Avreich Sponsoring Chareidi Soldier’s Ride Goes Viral

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A moving story took place on bus number 425 from Ohr Yehuda to Yerushalayim. A Chareidi soldier in uniform boarded the bus on his way home from the base where he is serving, carrying his rifle and a large backpack on his back. The soldier reached into his pocket to retrieve his military I.D., which would exempt him from paying, but could not find it.

The soldier attempted to explain to the driver that he was serving in the army, as his uniform indicated, but the driver did not relent and demanded that the soldier pay for the ride.

While the soldier struggled through his pockets to find enough money for the fare, an Avreich sitting behind the driver who overheard what was going on, reached into his own wallet and handed the driver the exact amount needed for the soldier’s fare.
The soldier kindly thanked the Avreich and told him that he will find a way to pay him back.

The Avreich responded, “No way, you don’t need to pay…you are serving…soldiers don’t pay”.

Yisroel Kohn, who was on the bus at the time of the moving exchange, witnessed the entire episode and posted it on his Facebook account. Within hours, the post went viral and received a lot of positive responses.

Kohn told Bechadrei Chareidim, these days when there are those that harm soldiers, this story moved me exceptionally. In my eyes this is a true Chareidi,I don’t know who this Chareidi is, but he made a tremendous Kiddush Hashem today”.

Kohn added that, “unfortunately the media portrays a fanatical minority as the Chareidim”. Read more at Bechadrei Chareidim.



  1. why are you taking sides in a machlokes , why in the world is this needed here keep youre hate to youre self…

  2. Whether or not you agree about the Army, the bottom line is any soldier deserves your respect. He is willing to lay his life on the line to protect Jews. Are you?
    I have paid for soldiers meals both in Eretz Yisroel and in the USA. The only thing i asked of the IDF boys was to make a bracha! and they did gladly!
    If we would all teat people with repect, Mosiach would be heere “k’heref ayin!”

  3. why is it considered a big kiddush HaShem when a person behaves like a mentch? he was only doing what a yid is supposed to do

  4. The public performing of veohavto lereyacho komocho might cause others to behave the same, do more mitsvos, and get closer to H. That’s a definition of Kidush H. Our personal political views don’t matter since under the uniform there is a Yid whom we have a chiuv deoraisa to love.

  5. it is a kiddush hashem because he did it in front of a whole croud and not in a big shot like saying out lound “i am giving $ for this man’s bus ride” he just sliped him some $ secretly yet people still saw it.
    HUGE KIDDUSH HASHEM. if people did more chesadim like this mashiach would come fast. one time i was buying a slurpy and a jewish man came over to me and told me he would pay for it and used his own credit card. to pay for it.


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