Kidney Needed for Jewish Girl

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kidney donationDear Friends,

The 27 year old niece of my dear friend – her name is Rachael Eisenson – has a terrible disease called Familial Disautonomia, and she needs a new kidney ASAP.

Won’t you be so kind as to read about her below in a letter from her parents, and consider being a kidney donor, or at least helping to spread the word to make it easier for her to find a donor, as she needs one very quickly. All of the information that you’ll need is in the letter below.

Thank you so much for helping Rachael in whatever fashion that you can to get the kidney that she so desperately needs!



Dear friends and family,

As many of you know, our family has been going through a very difficult time for the past few months. Sadly, my daughter, Rachael, who turned 27 years old last week, has been diagnosed with end-stage renal failure. She has been accepted into Cornell Medical Center’s Renal Transplant Program and is in immediate need of a kidney. The problem is that our entire family has been tested and we are not suitable donors (we are all “B”) and Rachael is blood type “O”. In addition, due to her blood pressure issues, she is not a viable candidate for dialysis – so her need is critical.

It is a very difficult decision for our family to ask our friends and families to help us search for a kidney for Rachael. Although the entire process is extremely challenging for us, you can only imagine how hard it’s been for Rachael. Both she and Debby have been struggling non-stop for months both in and out of the hospital. Your assistance in helping us find a donor kidney would be life-saving!

We truly appreciate the staggering imposition of this letter but our daughter deserves better. If you are willing to consider donating a kidney – please contact the Donor Team for Registration: 212 746 3922 (8 am to 4pm EST) ) or by email at All potential donors should let the donor team know they are calling for Rachael Eisenson. Cornell will explain the entire procedure, there is no cost, it can be done near your home and you are under no obligation.

If you require any additional information, please contact me at, or Debby at, Home phone: 631-584-8037, Fax: 631-584-8065, Debby’s Cell: 631-944-1664. You can also contact Maria Abreu-Goris, transplant coordinator at Cornell at

If donation is not an option, it would really help if you would reach out to as many people as possible, to help us find Rachael a kidney. We are asking you to contact your friends and families, business and social organizations, religious organizations, synagogues, churches, schools, social media contacts, and anyone else you can think of to help.

Words cannot express our appreciation for your help and consideration.

Thank you and G-d bless,

Debby, Charles, Andrew, Jonathan, Joshua & Rachael

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  1. I am not able to donate a kidney because of a medical condition.
    However, my thoughts and prayers are with you.
    If you can post her full name and mothers I would love to say tehilim for her.


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