KISS UP: Fox’s Chris Wallace: This Was Best Inaugural Address I’ve Ever Heard

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Fox News host Chris Wallace designated President Biden’s inaugural address as the “best” he’s “ever heard” after the newly sworn-in president called for unity across the country.

The “Fox News Sunday” anchor labeled the inaugural address as “the best” out of the speeches he’s heard since former President Kennedy was inaugurated in 1961.

“I thought it was a great speech,” Wallace said following Biden’s inauguration ceremony.

“I thought this was the best inaugural address I ever heard,” he added.

Wallace called attention to the fact that “obviously” the speech “was colored by the emotion” of the Capitol riots two weeks ago, when a mob of former President Trump’s supporters stormed the building resulting in five deaths.

“There was a mob of thugs, of insurrectionists, of domestic terrorists on the inaugural stand,” the Fox News host said. “And Joe Biden was saying that democracy prevailed. We were able to get through that, and he was talking about how we need to get through that in the future if we are going to be a united country.”

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  1. This was a fake inaugural just like the fake Biden. It’s almost below freezing in Wash. DC today and they weren’t even wearing winter gear. Those who did, didn’t even button it up, even though they were outdoors for hours. Even the few children who were there didn’t close their coats. On the other hand, the few protesters wore proper winter gear with hats and some with shawls. And this is the reason they refused to allow any outsider to watch the inauguration.

    Apparently, Trump is still president but stepped out of the way for the military to take over. In the meantime until the criminals in Congress are all arrested, he’s presenting a show to pacify the Democrats.

    • You’re so right. According to their skimpy winter gear, instead of appropriate clothes for below zero temperature, this video seems to have been prepared in November in the White House under President Trump’s watch. Best proof that Biden and all the Democrat/Rino actors are not around anymore and they’re all clones / doubles controlled by Trump’s team, making all Biden’s so-called Executive Orders, commands and nominations part of the show.

    • It’s been edited by a teenager for a long time. Note the silly and nonsensical catchphrases that he sticks before real headlines.

  2. Anyone have an issue with the fact that the swearing in was 10 minutes before noon when it is supposed to be at exactly noon? Is that even legal? (As if the election itself was legal)


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