Knesset Members Host 13-Year-Old Meah Shearim Girl After Video Of Police Making Her Cry Goes Viral

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Constitution Committee Chairman MK Yaakov Asher (Shas) hosted in his office 13-year-old charedi girl Bassie Getter who became famous when video circulated showing her crying on the street after encountering aggressive police enforcement while she was walking her siblings in a stroller.

The girl came to the Knesset with her father, Yehoshua Getter, for a meeting with Internal Security Minister Amir Ohana and also with MK Yaakov Asher, to thank them for the discussion in the committee following the video’s publication that dealt with “police conduct and the nature of coronavirus law enforcement on minors and special populations.”

The discussion was poignant and dealt with police procedures regarding masks and police brutality in general.

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  1. Pacifying the authorities is not the way to go. She should sue them for no less than $100,000 dollars for the trauma they caused. Shame on the police! Let them pay for it. We need to show solidarity and fight against their racism of chareidim.

    • The police carried out their assignment בנאמנות . Coronavirus can be very debilitating, even deadly and masks have been proven to prevent the spread of the virus. Rabbi Chaim Kanievsky and Rabbi Gershon Edelstein urge us to wear masks. And yes, 13-year olds also can infect or get infected with the coronavirus, whether they are from Meah Shearim, Romema, whether they are boys or girls. What went wrong was that the cops should have spoken nicely to the girl, telling her that wearing masks is for her own good, and for her family’s and her community’s good, and also telling her they have no choice but to find her/ her parents for non-compliance with the nation-wide rules.
      And now, let the torrent of abuse from Matzav readers against decency, honesty, and sanity begin !!!

      • #1 You’re b”H not a judge. This poor girl took off her mask for a second to take a sip from her bottle because it’s stifling hot.
        #2 You’re b”H not a doctor. Coronavirus is the 2020 name for the common flu and Fauci, an infectious diseases doctor, says that masks do not protect against the virus.
        #3 Other Gedolei Yisroel hold differently.
        #4 No children got the so-called coronavirus throughout the 7 months and they certainly didn’t infect anyone.
        #5 Wearing mask would not be for her own good as it would be deadly for her, which is precisely why she needed to take it off to breath and drink.
        #6 Wearing a mask does not protect her, nor her family nor anyone else. If you’re healthy there’s no reason you should wear a mask. If you’re not healthy, you should stay home.
        #7 I have yet to read abuses from anti-maskers. Actually all the abuses come from sworn mask wearers who can’t prove their point so they attack verbally.

        Before you continue posting your daily tripe read this from David Hope:
        1 Msasks are dangerous to the wearer and provide no protection to the people around you!
        The above movie is not science at all we are not talking about bacteria and other harmless germs we are talking about the COVID 19 virus and for this no masks help see this scientific report:
        2 Lack of sufficient oxygen for lungs!:
        3 Mask test :
        5 Zero evidence that wearing masks protect anyone from covid! hear the Utah report


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